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Pretty Cure 30 Day Challenge - Day Two

17 March 2012, 01:48

OK, so Day Two. This time it's 'Favourite Precure'

This was a toughie as there now 29 Cures to chose from. I would have it down to Cure Moonlight and Cure Passion but I think my fav is Cure Passion from Fresh Precure

Video Link :

Cure Passion doesn't start off as a Cure. She starts off as a bad guy named Eas. Eas attempts to make friends with main character Love in order to get steal her transformation device and put an end to the Cures. However she ends up forming a close friendship to the girls and finds herself in real pain due to her internal conflict. On one hand she is loyal to her master Moebius but on the other side she see's herself wanting to be friends with Love and Co. Eas goes so far to please Moebius that she was willing to use a monster summon weapon that would hurt her everytime the monster got hurt.

Video Link :

In the end Moebius decides she is of no further use after she can't defeat the Cures and he decides to end her life. Apparently (in a plot point that was never really explained) the lives of the people of her world are controlled by Moebius and if he chooses so he can turn off their lives like a computer.

So he ends Eas's live (a dark moment for a series aimed at little girls) and it looks like she is down for the count until she is brought back from the dead by Akuran the fairy and reborn as Cure Passion.

Video Link :
At first she has difficulty adjusting to her life away from Moebius and in the real world. Adjusting to trying to find her own goal in life rather than just following Moebius's goals. But in the end she finds her happiness

She overcame pain, adversity, personal struggle to free herself from oppression and get her happiness with the help of friends

Video Link :

17 March 2012 @ 14:00

I think you should remind us of the list at the end of each blog, cause we will soon forget what the point was.
17 March 2012 @ 14:03

"Good" news though, Moebius died last week
18 March 2012 @ 07:36

Thanks for reading Blah .

I'll add the list to the end of each blog post, it was something I had thought of doing anyway
21 March 2012 @ 01:29

My favorite cure is actually the Pedi-cure, but they gave her the boot after the original pilot. She just could not walk the distance.