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Pretty Cure 30 Day Challenge - Day Four

19 March 2012, 10:29

Day Four - Prettiest Cure

A lot of the Cures are very pretty, they are designed that way to impress the little girls the show is aimed at...hence the name Pretty Cure A lot of them are just 'cute' though as opposed to pretty. The big contenders in my opinion are to Prettiest Cure are Cure Berry, Cure Dream, Cure Passion, Cure Blossom, Cure Moonlight, Cure Beat and Cure Beauty.

I'm basing my choice on who is pretty both in their Cure form and their normal form..oh this is a hard choice.

I was going to go with Blossom or Passion as they have some real moments in the show where they are drawn really well and look stunning, but I'm going to go with Cure Moonlight.

She is the oldest Pretty Cure at 17 (with the exception of Cure Flower but she only appears for one episode as a special treat), and she brings a maturity of character and grace with her. These scenes should show how pretty she is

Video Link :

Video Link :

That long flowing hair, those long legs, THAT hair flick. Her outfit is the most different from all the Precure's as it has that floor length dress, that one glove and one cuff and when she transforms her modesty is protected with an off the shoulder number as opposed to a shouldered number that the other Cure's from her series have, again showing her maturity and prettiness. In her Super Silhouette form that long dress turns into some pretty awesome edgy flower petals.

Oh and I have Cure Moonlight as a figure and that figure is sooo pretty

Just some pics now of her:

Tomorrow is Funniest Cure...and that will be a lot easier to chose

20 March 2012 @ 22:52

Put bit round puppy eyes on any face and they are instantly made prettier it seems.
It is a pity that in the first clip, where you show Cure Moonlight, she has to lose the glasses.
21 March 2012 @ 19:29

Of course she loses the glasses...having superpowers heals your vision
23 March 2012 @ 02:08

They could have turned the glasses into something that would have sublimated them.
It may make little girls wearing glasses feel quite inadequate.
23 March 2012 @ 17:20

The removal of the glasses is a fairly common trope in anime though
24 March 2012 @ 11:20

Which is regrettable.
(Disclaimer: I do not wear glasses or have a fetish about them)