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Pretty Cure 30 Day Challenge - Day Six

21 March 2012, 20:24

Day 6 - Least Favourite Cure.

This one is kind of hard as I do like all the Cure's. They are all different and they all have their own personalities etc. I suppose the easy choice is Shiny Luminous as she doesn't have any real fighting strength and only really powers up Cure Black and White and has a 'weak' personality...but Luminous isn't really a Cure. She's something different. Plus I haven't see all of Max Heart to really comment on her to be fair

So for actual Cure's I'd probably go with Cure Pine. I don't like the design of her outfit...that puffy bit at the hips and the poofy bits on her wrists. Her hair doesn't really get any longer than before she only goes a shade brighter.

Video Link :
After her design I'm not in love with her personality. I kind of liked her till the was in the movie when she refused to fight the monster as it was a dinosaur and she didn't want to hurt it cos she thought there must be a reason it's attacking her. It's a monster...and you're a are meant to fight FFS...

So yeah.. Cure Pine...

Tomorrow is Favourite Mascot