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Pretty Cure 30 Day Challenge - Day Fifteen

30 March 2012, 18:01

Day Fifteen - Best Transformation Device

I really like the Pinky Catch from Yes Pretty Cure 5, which is their watch like transformation device . I like that their transformation item is something common like a watch and therefore it's not something that makes no sense when they pull it out of no where. This is how I see the Cure Modules from Suite Precure (even though I do like them and I do have one) it's always puts a big plot hole in the series when they are wearing like swimwear and suddenly pull out a big transformation device from nowhere.

Video Link :

I'm not sure about the toy version of the Pinky Catch, I don't think it's great as it's kind of like a Tamagotchi so it's not the prettiest of toy transformation devices.

Video Link :

But it's still a practical transformation item that is easily concealed and not at all suspicious looking.

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