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Pretty Cure 30 Day Challenge - Day Twenty Six

09 April 2012, 10:00

Day 26 - Favourite Support Character

This one took me a while to decide on cos there are a lot of support characters to choose from after 9 seasons of Precure. I've decided to go with Souta Minamino.

He is the little brother of Kanade (Cure Rhythm) from Suite Precure. He is also Ako's (Cure Muse) classmate in Public Kanon Elementary. He is somewhat responsible for helping at the "Lucky Spoon" but is often acting mischievously and provoking his sister. He is good friends with Ako and cares about her solitude.

He first appeared with Ako in this scene

Video Link :

When Ako first moves from Majorland following her father becoming evil, she doesn't have any friends and her personality is serious and cold as she has cut herself off after the trauma of her father becoming evil and trying to kill her mother and take over Majorland. This doesn't stop Souta (as he has a bit of a crush on her - which is uber cute) and he makes friends with Ako.

When her grandfather is late picking her up from school one day (this was soon after she left Majorland) and she is left alone waiting Souta comes and offers her his umbrella so that she can go home. Very Cute!

When Mephisto (Ako's father) is turned good again she originally wants to go back and live in Majorland. This upsets Souta as he doesn't want to lose his friend, but when she later decides to stay as she want's to stay and try and defeat Noise you can see on his little face that he is delighted! SOO cute!

Souta is also very protective of Ako and if he thinks she is in trouble will stand in front of her to try and protect her.

In episode 38 Souta gets kidnapped and Ako (with the help of the other Cures) rescues him cos she sees him as family and really cares for him.

It's nice that Ako has a friend like Souta, as she can be a bit of a brat and cold and distant. Souta helps to bring out a warmer nicer side to her

Tomorrow is Favourite Season Movie

9 April 2012 @ 17:21

Ah, ホワイトデー is something else!
It is the Japanese Woman's answer to Valentine Day, when they treat their Valentine.
9 April 2012 @ 18:20

Yes...commonly known as White Day in Japan