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Pretty Cure 30 Day Challenge - Day Twenty Eight

11 April 2012, 23:03

Today is Favourite All Stars Movie.

An All Stars Movie is something that started only a few years ago (from Fresh onwards) where they have a cross over movie with all the Pretty Cure in it (you ignore the fact that none of the Precure have aged).

It started first as a short movie which introduced people to the concept of a Precure crossover, which celebrated Precure being on the air for 5 years

Video Link :

From there you have DX1, DX2 and DX3. The 'main' Precure of each movie are the Precure that are currently on TV at the times of the movies. In DX1 is was Cure Peach/Berry/Pine, DX2 was Cure Blossom and Cure Marine and DX3 was Cure Rhythm and Cure Melody.

The plot is the same in all of them...the Cures meet up and fight together to defeat some evil entity which has taken on the form of previously defeated villains. In DX1 it took the form of preciously defeated Monsters of the Week. DX2 took the form of sub villains from the TV series. DX3 took the form of previously defeated bad guys from the movies as well as monsters of the week.

My favourite movie is DX3. This one was the best as it had the bad guys split up the Cure from their partners pretty cure of that season and ended up putting them into three groups. By this I mean Cure Black was separated from Cure White and Shiny Luminous. This puts them at a weakness as they are at their strongest when they are with their partner Cures as well as showing us the viewer a different dynamic as we see them interact more with each other. Also in this movie each of the Precure was treated with a relatively fair amount of screen time and lines, something that was lacking in previous movies where it would focus on the lead (Pink) cures and then the currently airing Precure (and is also hard to do in DX3 when there are 21 Cures altogether at the's up to 28 now though)

It was also good in that there was a nice bit of fighting and they gave us new animations for some of the special moves that they did during the show. For example here is part of the movie where we see them attack the movie villains 'in real time'

Video Link :

And then (after they got their movie power up - as feature in most of the movies, not just the All Stars ones) we get new animations for previous attacks but in their Super forms

Video Link :

And I just love the green colour of Rhythms eye's in this power up pretty. also had more of a plot and actually tied up some of the previous potholes from the other DX movies (apart from the fact that they are all able to meet up despite apparently having all coming from alternative realities)
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