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Pretty Cure 30 Day Challenge - Day Twenty Nine

12 April 2012, 17:45

Day 29 - Best Power Up.

At the end of most of the series (and in most of the movies) the Precure's (and in most of the movies) will gain a power up from some source that will help them become stronger to defeat the final big bad.

Here are some of the power ups:
Phoenix form of Futari Wa Precure

Super Pretty Cure 5

Shinging Precure 5

Cure Angel

Heartcatch Super Silhouette

Crescendo Suite Precure

My favourite power up is the Cure Angel form for Fresh Precure

Video Link :

I like what they did with their uniforms (I especially love what they did with Passions stockings! Very stripperific!). And Berry's Gundam wings are pretty awesome! Their group attack in their powered up form is Loving True Heart and while it doesn't involve a lot of action or motion it's still quite nice and pretty.

The power up also really powers them up and they do manage to hold their own against the final enemies which they were struggling against previous. I also like the power up as it lasted for more than half an episode (it lasted about 2 episodes)

Tomorrow is the best season finale.

1 Comment
13 April 2012 @ 08:33

Wow! You're nearly there. Just one more day to go