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Perry Cormo's Amazing Blog

October 2007 Archive

Theory Head

28 October 2007, 14:25

Well, those of you who know me, and some of you who don't will know that what I do as 'work' or study or whatever you want to call it, well, it involves a lot of critical analysis.

Coronation Street is no longer mere soap opera, but perhaps a 'valid contemporary cultural narrative text that has influences and implications for all of our lives, in the sense of not just the world we operate in but also our own very private ideologies' - that kinda stuff. That's critical theory.

And I do a lot of it. Right now I don't watch any Irish made movie without a pen and a notebook in hand.
Same for Ugly Betty
Ditto The Clinic
Ditto Fair City
And I can't remember the last time I read a book just for the sake of reading the story.
I look with the eye of what is know as a semiologist, or someone who studies and knows the science of 'semiotics'... the science of sign systems and how they operate on us as receivers of those signs.
For example; when is a chair not a chair? When its an actor on stage pretending to be a chair....

The problem is... it doesn't stop.
It goes on forever.
I read in a critical theory book over the weekend that once we have applied theory to this level, once we've known and used it, well we can "never go home"... meaning, your whole experience as a reader or a viewer has changed.
And it the main its interesting. Nay, I'll go one further, it can actually be quite enlightening, even empowering.

But not today.
Today I don't want it.
Today I just want 'Corrie' to be 'Corrie'.... a sometimes sad, sometimes happy tale of a load of Manchester folk - but, I find I "can't go home" either.
My readership has changed, forever it would seem.

Not sure that I like it.
Not today anyway.

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