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The Tall man in the Red Shirt
Intrepid : Friday 26 September : 2 Comments
“The Tall Red Shirt” The Story of a shooting that sparked off the political awakening of the Irish Deaf community. Background: Northern Ireland in August 1971 was a very troubled place, with civil strife affecting families and individuals on both ...
Merlin : Thursday 25 September : 0 Comments
hi all taking the blog viral- if interested hit it up @ http: / / / ...
When you see millions of the mouthless dead by Charles Hamilton Sorley
Frodo : Sunday 3 August : 3 Comments
When you see millions of the mouthless dead Across your dreams in pale battalions go, Say not soft things as other men have said, That you'll remember. For you need not so. Give them not praise. For, deaf, how should they know It is not curses heaped ...
New startpos download and Portuguese units
Herodotus : Monday 30 June : 3 Comments
I have uploaded a new startpos for the Colonialism 1600AD mod for Empire Total War. This time it makes the following changes: - Morea controlled by Ottomans - Portugal a Protectorate of Spain - Venice playable http: / / / images / ...
My feet - the trials of getting old!!
pennylane : Thursday 26 June : 9 Comments
I've always had trouble with my feet, well my lower extremities in general. When I was a young kid, I fell several times a day and had been to Temple Street hospital for fractures and sprains on several occasions. I'm not so clumsy now, but I have constant ...
Det Som Engang Var (What Once Was) by Burzum June 1992 a.y.p.s.
Frodo : Tuesday 24 June : 0 Comments
Between the bushes we stared At those who reminded us of another age And told us that all hope was gone Forever We heard Elven song and Water that trickled. What once was is now Lost All the blood All the longing and pain that once Ruled And ...
Just put me on a saline drip already
Thomas : Friday 20 June : 10 Comments
A rundown of foods that give me "trouble" Bread I can get away with small amounts of wheat now and again but if I eat wheat for more than two days I get a bloody version of the runs. Before that I get indigestion and for about a week afterwards I get ...
The Gods of the North
Frodo : Friday 20 June : 10 Comments
The pantheon of the North was the product of an alliance between the Aesir, the gods of the migrating Indo-European tribes, and the Vanir, deities whose origin lies in the Neolithic agricultural complex of Europe. Three of the most prominent gods are Odin ...
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  Saturday 27 September

The Tall man in the Red Shirt
Posted by Intrepid (2 Comments)
Intrepid said Yes, local people meant well, ...
Thursday 25 September

A Tale of Two Boys- Part Two
Posted by Merlin (3 Comments)
Merlin said thank you Shavano. i really ap ...
Friday 22 August

When you see millions of the mouthless dead by Charles..
Posted by Frodo (3 Comments)
Shavano said How raw and real. A great find ...
Saturday 9 August

New tights
Posted by mike.power (12 Comments)
Mystic Zig said No. You must love Bewitched. ...
Thursday 31 July

My feet - the trials of getting old!!
Posted by pennylane (9 Comments)
Frodo said Meant to post this: https:/ ...
Thursday 17 July

The Gods of the North
Posted by Frodo (10 Comments)
Frodo said Glad you lied the site, Loner! ...
Saturday 12 July

Housemates from Hell?
Posted by QueerT (9 Comments)
lone stranger said From living with a few who dra ...
Tuesday 1 July

New startpos download and Portuguese units
Posted by Herodotus (3 Comments)
Frodo said Very cool! Thanks for adding t ...
Monday 23 June

Just put me on a saline drip already
Posted by Thomas (10 Comments)
Herodotus said NB not that I'm blaming Column ...
Friday 20 June

Clumsy Moments
Posted by Stewie (7 Comments)
Frodo said Flamey and Thomas: :lol: Poo ...
Tuesday 3 June

hotel in dublin
Posted by tamara (2 Comments)
kelly k said Not sure Tamara but if you fin ...
Thursday 29 May

Goodbye Ruby Tuesday
Posted by Efferal (3 Comments)
Mystic Zig said Idiots :lol: ...