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Who Do You Follow On Twitter?
# 211 : Sunday 27-11-2011 @ 16:34
He's apologised for his comments and sympathised with her re having to attend a Take That gig...

I want a public apology tonight!


X Factor judge Gary Barlow has apologised to T'Pau's Carol Decker after making negative comments about her singing capabilities on last night's show.

Contestant Amelia Lily performed the band's 1987 hit 'China in Your Hand', prompting Barlow to quip that it was nice to hear the song being sung in tune for once.

Decker later tweeted Barlow saying: "Gary Barlow you t**t! & I had to suffer a Take That concert for the sake of my kids this summer. What's your f**king problem? I actually have perfect pitch."

Backtracking on his comments this morning, the Take That star replied: "Sincere apologies for my comment.there was no need.And sorry you had to sit through TT show.The things we do for our kids!"

'China in Your Hand', which was written by Decker, was on T'Pau's album Bridge of Spies and spent five weeks at number one following its release.
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# 212 : Sunday 27-11-2011 @ 16:51
Storm in a Tpau

Id say that ginger would tear garys head off, fierce
# 213 : Sunday 27-11-2011 @ 21:06
I like how now TV Shows show a # and the word of what to tweet under (usually the name of the show) when it airs...
# 214 : Sunday 27-11-2011 @ 21:08
Yea that's handy.
# 215 : Saturday 25-2-2012 @ 22:37

Oh the irony of winning "Most Pretentious Album Ever" from none other than NME. *eyeroll* I might laugh forever + then return to narcissism

# 216 : Sunday 22-4-2012 @ 19:56
3AM - Column from The Mirror

They can be quite funny at times especially when The Voice / BGT is on!/3am
# 217 : Sunday 20-5-2012 @ 14:28
Stephen Fry

# 218 : Tuesday 10-7-2012 @ 22:12
Who do people follow today? I am trying hard to get into it. Penny I know you are a fan so I am particularly interested in your response.
# 219 : Sunday 25-11-2012 @ 16:42
Alan Sugar really dislikes Tulisa!

# 220 : Sunday 25-11-2012 @ 16:58
I follow David Cochrane (of fame) on twitter.
# 221 : Monday 3-12-2012 @ 18:43
Rob Kardashian on Rita (Wh)Ora - his now ex.

Scarlet for them both.

# 222 : Monday 3-12-2012 @ 18:50
Someone said :
Who do people follow today? I am trying hard to get into it. Penny I know you are a fan so I am particularly interested in your response.

Bit late for my answer, but I follow a mixture of journalists, comedians, politicians, footballers - basically anyone who I think may be interesting.
# 223 : Monday 3-12-2012 @ 19:02
Someone said :
I follow David Cochrane (of fame) on twitter.

He's really rude in real life.
# 224 : Monday 3-12-2012 @ 19:07
Someone said :

He's really rude in real life.

He's rude online too. Totally up his own arse.
# 225 : Monday 3-12-2012 @ 19:11
Someone said :

He's rude online too. Totally up his own arse.

Agreed - he's incredibly self important.
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