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Open FM LGBT Radio Station
# 31 : Thursday 16-6-2011 @ 22:30
Seems a bit weird to plan a whole schedule make a fancy website and only try sell advertising and raise funds 66 hours before going live, maybe should start the fund raising now, I really like listening to it last year, shame was not organized properly
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# 32 : Thursday 16-6-2011 @ 22:34
# 33 : Thursday 16-6-2011 @ 22:39

They have just over an hour!
# 34 : Thursday 16-6-2011 @ 22:44
Wonder will they be staying on the airways for a time longer then last year

# 35 : Thursday 16-6-2011 @ 22:46
Someone said :
Wonder will they be staying on the airways for a time longer then last year

Did you read the thread? They won't be on air at all.
# 36 : Thursday 16-6-2011 @ 22:46
Someone said :
I don't know what he is talking about

Donations... = charitable trust/trust for a specific purpose, where the the trust purpose has been exhausted/cannot be completed= resulting trust?
# 37 : Thursday 16-6-2011 @ 22:48
Someone said :

Did you read the thread? They won't be on air at all.

He should have forseen it!
# 38 : Thursday 16-6-2011 @ 23:40
Im up for giving money to them if they come on this and say if it will be used, no probs giving them 60
# 39 : Friday 17-6-2011 @ 00:09
Id like to be a presenter. i was invloved in pirate radio for a few years after I finished my course in Radio broadcasting and production years ago, I miss been invloved in radio.
# 40 : Friday 17-6-2011 @ 08:11
It's now Friday and they can't even announce their statement on time. I was in full support of Open FM right up until the point that they left it with 66 hours to fundraise. I firmly believe that they can't really bemoan the fact that they're not on the air this year. They said the volunteers were too busy to fundraise. Then why didn't they start throughout the year like every other good organisation?! The community will fund it if they'd given it a chance. Part of me hopes that it doesn't come back at all this year to teach them a lesson. It is nobody's fault but their own. End of.
# 41 : Saturday 18-6-2011 @ 04:11
:-( it is very sad nobody thought about money till the end I think they should still go ahead
# 42 : Saturday 18-6-2011 @ 10:08
It is sad. But what I don't like is that I've seen and heard some of them complaining that people didn't donate or get behind it. It is 100% Open FMs fault that they're not on this year and blaming the community is pathetic.
# 43 : Saturday 18-6-2011 @ 10:12
I'm still waiting on their "Statement"

It better be good!
# 44 : Saturday 18-6-2011 @ 14:21
Someone said :
I'm still waiting on their "Statement"

It better be good!

Maybe there will not be any, or maybe they are still sorting some last minute financing.
It is pity because it was a very professional crew, and an interesting point of view.
Did they not do a live coverage of the parade?
# 45 : Tuesday 21-6-2011 @ 16:51
Someone said :
OpenFM regrets to announce that due to funding difficulties its 2011 broadcast will not be occurring as planned. OpenFM had hoped to broadcast for thirty days from mid-June to mid-July.

There is a link to a press release, but it won't open for me.

That's a shame, hopefully it'll return next year.
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