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Firefox Add-ons.
# 1 : Monday 30-8-2010 @ 11:30
What, if any Firefox addons do you use?

Personally I use No-Script to protect my World of Warcraft account and Java Console.
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# 2 : Monday 30-8-2010 @ 11:33
I find No-script disables the back button on Gaire (due to frames probably) so I only use when I'm reviewing websites. Tab Mix Plus is a Godsend - love the way I can open bookmarks in a new tab without any extra keystrokes.
# 3 : Monday 30-8-2010 @ 11:42
No-Script does indeed muck Gaire up quite a lot however it is one of the sites I have on Perm allowed.

I'm trialing out webmail notifer atm, it seems quite good.
# 4 : Monday 30-8-2010 @ 11:46
Adblock Plus.
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