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What Did You Buy Today?
# 1591 : Wednesday 19-4-2017 @ 15:13
Very nice!

Not planning any holidays myself but will be visiting cousin in Southampton in June for her birthday. Can't wait, we haven't seen each other in over 5 years!

Just bought my ticket yesterday, 118 Euro straight to Southampton Airport. A bit more than i wanted to spend but fuck it, it's well worth it.
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# 1592 : Thursday 20-4-2017 @ 16:16
Vodafone sims.
Ported both my numbers off Three (because they are useless cnuts these days).
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# 1593 : Friday 21-4-2017 @ 23:28
pair of shoes and 2 pairs of jeans. finally. i need to get sunglasses, as my favourites fell apart suddendly after 12 years. :/
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# 1594 : Saturday 22-4-2017 @ 01:20
Damn. On iTunes, first album I've bought in years I really like Kendrick Lamar. Also, flights and a hotel for a trip to Prague to see System of a Down.
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# 1595 : Saturday 22-4-2017 @ 19:08
System of a Down in Prague sounds like a fantastic trip!

Bought two t-shirts in H&M, contact lenses and solution (still pissed off with how expensive they are here!) and chocolates at the movies.
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# 1596 : Saturday 22-4-2017 @ 19:12
A book. There's a book club the week after my last exam, and I decided to have a shot at reading the book over next weekend!
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# 1597 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 10:28
Someone said :
Prague to see System of a Down.

I'm not jelly at all
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# 1598 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 13:39
Just bought this t shirt

For purely nostalgic reasons, used to have one just like it back in the day.
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# 1599 : Monday 24-4-2017 @ 15:07
Someone said :
Just bought this t shirt

For purely nostalgic reasons, used to have one just like it back in the day.

Love it.
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# 1600 : Friday 28-4-2017 @ 18:50
1 can of cider. I was worried 4 cans wasnt enough fuel to get me to the moon.
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# 1601 : Sunday 30-4-2017 @ 10:47
A Micro USB power Cable for Raspberry Pi with an on off switch.
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# 1602 : Sunday 30-4-2017 @ 21:25
A 120mm low profile side intake fan.
I'm running two RX480's in one of the computers and they are acting the asshole temp wise.

Only a few games set them off, so it could be lazy optimization on their part.
Better safe than sorry.
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# 1603 : Saturday 10-6-2017 @ 21:07
A new washing machine. It has a high rating by Which? magazine, and was on sale at €480 down from a normal price of €780. (I guess it's a model that will be probably discontinued shortly, but it comes with a five-year warranty.)
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# 1604 : Sunday 11-6-2017 @ 03:30
Bloody hell that is still fucking expensive!
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# 1605 : Sunday 11-6-2017 @ 08:45
Someone said :
Bloody hell that is still fucking expensive!

It will last, though.
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