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General Netflix Topic
# 316 : Sunday 26-11-2017 @ 21:13
I'm the doing 'THE PUNISHER' atm.. A little bit sick of MARVEL by now & it's a little bit silly but as a bit of mind candy after a hard days work it's ticking the boxes..
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# 317 : Monday 27-11-2017 @ 15:15
What do you all make of this new green lighting that makes everything look much more realistic But at the same time can be overcooked and make everyone look like the Hulk..?
# 318 : Monday 27-11-2017 @ 17:03
Someone said :
Godless is a one-off Western mini series about a small town that recently lost most of its men in a mining accident. 3 episodes in and so far it's surprisingly good (Westerns aren't normally my cup of tea) if a little tense at at times. Lots of interesting characters and plenty of scenery to take in.

Binged this over the weekend. Really enjoyed it.
# 319 : Wednesday 29-11-2017 @ 01:17
Watch Cosmos: a space-time odyssey with Neil DeGrassyarse Tyson.. where you will learn certain things such as, there is more atoms in your eyeball than then their is stars in the Universe.. Every second of every day 200 million neutrinos pass through every square centimeter of you..
# 320 : Wednesday 29-11-2017 @ 19:00
Sburra the film is v violent but extremely good mafia genre.
Then they made a series which isn't bad

Fauda is an interesting series set in israel/ west bank
# 321 : Monday 4-12-2017 @ 19:36
The best American comedian I've seen in a great many years.. etc ...
# 322 : Monday 4-12-2017 @ 22:55
Finished Godless the other night. Loved it, hope it picks up some Emmys and we see more shows like this on Netflix.
# 323 : Monday 4-12-2017 @ 23:07
Watched ' To Kill a Mockingbird '

Not what I expected, but liked it.
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