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Plastic Surgery : What Would You Get Done ?
 Poll Choices 21 Total Votes
14.29% / 3 Votes
19.05% / 4 Votes
14.29% / 3 Votes
14.29% / 3 Votes
38.10% / 8 Votes
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# 16 : Friday 1-2-2013 @ 22:55
I'd get a vagina just below my belly button
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# 17 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 13:12
I'd get a leg extension I'd like to be just a few inches taller.
# 18 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 13:51
I might get a nose job.
# 19 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 13:52
Someone said :
I might get a nose job.

Who nose, you might indeed
# 20 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 15:07
I would donate the prize to a burns victim
# 21 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 15:46
I have to laugh at the "realistic" answers to this thread, as if anyone would give someone a prize of plastic surgery, this is a "what if" use your imagination, so far 19% has had the best idea and that's saying something

I would also like an extra finger on each hand, I think they will be useful.
# 22 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 19:19
If I could get all (or most) of my excess fat removed without looking like a deflated balloon after I'd go with that.

Also, I could get rid of the surgery scars on my feet, they don't really bother me but no reason to keep them either.

In a few years I might have some laser resurfacing done. If I could be assured it actually works.

But so far my face is doing just fine, might not need it before I'm 45.
# 23 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 21:26
At the end of the day it's the surgeon who will decide. The ones I've come across almost try to talk you out of it.
# 24 : Sunday 3-2-2013 @ 21:57
I can't think of anything that I would get major cosmetic surgery for...I'm pretty happy with my looks. Perhaps some botox around my grin lines between my nose and the edges of my mouth which have become quite pronounced in the last decade. But apart from that - nada.
# 25 : Monday 4-2-2013 @ 00:50
Probably get a bum filter fitted so that it would stop those within arseshot getting blinded by the sun shining out of it.
# 26 : Monday 4-2-2013 @ 03:01
LOL, Butters!
# 27 : Monday 4-2-2013 @ 03:19
Incidentally I have moobs and the woman at the clinic said it is possible to get that sorted.
# 28 : Monday 4-2-2013 @ 03:23
Is there an expiry on the offer? Like you couldn't hold on to it and come back in like 10 years no?

I'm really happy with how I look so I'd really have to nitpick on this to find a reason to use it. I'd just keep it till I got to the age where I'm as desperate to look young as Madonna is.
# 29 : Monday 4-2-2013 @ 03:30
Someone said :
I'd just keep it till I got to the age where I'm as desperate to look young as Madonna is.

# 30 : Monday 4-2-2013 @ 08:05
Someone said :
I would donate the prize to a burns victim

probably the most worthy answer to the question
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