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Homophobia In Sports
# 31 : Sunday 5-11-2017 @ 11:58
Someone said :
Conor McGregor has issued a public apology for his use of the word f***** with respect to the opponent of a fellow UFC fighter. And I wasn't aware that he also urged a yes vote in the same-sex marriage referendum in 2015. In balance, I think McGregor is a bit of tit who activates his mouth before his brain but I don't think he's a homophobe. MMA/UFC is certainly not to my tastes, but the UFC President has stated that he welcomes LGBT fighters in the sport. Indeed there are a number of openly gay female UFC fighters and one openly gay male fighter.

Link: etc ...

Given that there is not one, not even one openly gay senior league professional football player, it sort of puts things in perspective.

As for rugby, well they're not called "rugger buggers" for nothing! they love homoerotic banter. And it's certainly one of the most gay friendly team sports around. I'm a rugby supporter and on a rugby message boards and I have to say I have hardly ever read a homophobic post, and most posters on the site think a player's sexuality matters not one jot.

McGregor just uses homophobic language. I never understand why people excuse his sexism, homophobia and racism.
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# 32 : Tuesday 7-11-2017 @ 13:18
He's a muppet who unfortunately has spawned an army of muppet imitators.
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