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# 916 : Saturday 3-3-2018 @ 11:40
Someone said :
The EU and UK, want a clean break and nothing that upsets the markets. It'll be like the deals, they have with the Nordic countries and there'll be a bill left on the table for the UK. To be paid, over 10 or more years and I still believe it won't happen!

It would be great if it didn't happen but they won't have a second referendum on leaving .
They will leave and the transition will be less than 2 years as the EU said the Uk isn't ready and won't be so it's likely they'll then park themselves in a long Norway like transition deal except they'll call it something else .
It will cost a shitload of money as they'll lose their rebate and the EU will charge them more as a non member.
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# 917 : Saturday 3-3-2018 @ 22:34
Maybe, there may be an election soon and Labour may get in on a Customs Union or a second reffy?
# 918 : Saturday 3-3-2018 @ 23:09
Someone said :
Maybe, there may be an election soon and Labour may get in on a Customs Union or a second reffy?

Dup are more afraid of a Corbyn gov than any protocol so they won't bring down the gov and the numbers aren't there ...
I think Theresa seemed to be talking up a Switzerland deal - a series of bilateral interlinked deals that parliament could interrupt but would then pay the consequences for -
It's unfortunate that the British won't talk openly yet about the fact that they won't access the single market without free movement because until they get there their gov can't make any deal.
# 919 : Sunday 4-3-2018 @ 13:42
May rules out a customs union but says there will be a customs agreement/ partnership
What's the difference ? Except the name
She ruled out bank passporting but said effectively there would look for regulatory mutual acceptance -
This is what she proposed for every agency that already exists in the EU , this will mean huge new numbers of civil servants in the uk and they won't be ready in 2 years or even 5 .
As this brexit takes shape you can see why the ukgov wanted secret negotiations and the EU said no .

# 920 : Monday 5-3-2018 @ 08:42
Why can we not just have bilateral agreements?
# 921 : Monday 5-3-2018 @ 10:59
Someone said :
Why can we not just have bilateral agreements?

Switzerland who have a series of bilateral agreements with the EU to have access to the single market accept the 4 freedoms including free movement which ukgov rejects and has made a red line .
the reason mays ukgov can't get bilaterals is because if they then rejected one of them all of the bilateral s would fail , as happens in Switzerland , these are the consequences May mentioned in her speech .
They want bilaterals in air , nuclear, chemical, medicines -safety they don't function now at the whim of parliament why should they in a future where they could be suspended in a vote - this is a prime example of the schizophrenia of the Tory party.
Theresa May does propose a " customs partnership or agreement " but without detail so it remains to be seen what she / ungov mean ( is it semantics ... reality means NI must remain within the customs union the ukgov might have decided saying the UK is in agreement with the customs union or in partnership with it is a " clever" way of trying to say they ain't in the customs union.
There will only be bilateral talks between the EU and UK and not trilateral talks as ungov suggested as negotiations are BI lateral ( not tri).

# 922 : Thursday 8-3-2018 @ 13:25
The uk and Gibraltar Achilles heel of services have " suddenly" popped up like everybody predicted and let's remind ourselves 80 fuckin % of their economy
And now the crying tearing of hair out and bleating will start because it's the city that supports the torys and this is where brexshitter idealogy hits bankers interests !
" don't cry for me little Britain " sung to the air of " Evita is the theme song .
No disaster natural or mannade made the torys cry but watch them cry at even the thought of their supporters being affected ...
# 923 : Friday 16-3-2018 @ 11:08
Just watch what the uk agrees next week to get a transition deal
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