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Dead Thread 2017
# 106 : Saturday 17-6-2017 @ 09:17
Someone said :
Poor Ann Louise's death seems to have brought all the cuckoos out of the woods.

Although, an email is a private communication between people, so I don't put it in the same category as whacking it up on Twitter.

It wasn't private. It was sent to all staff of a large state institution, notably including to people the sender neither knew personally nor was in a 'chain of command' with, and it was not marked private.

It was as private as the leaflets put through my letterbox.
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# 107 : Saturday 17-6-2017 @ 09:19
Dick Warner, naturalist who was wonderful at conveying his enthusiasm and sharing his expertise on a range of radio and television programmes.
# 108 : Monday 19-6-2017 @ 00:18
He was probably glad to die on a boat.
# 109 : Monday 19-6-2017 @ 00:26
I loved Dick on his canal journeys, especially on the Royal Canal.
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