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Oscars 2018
# 16 : Sunday 28-1-2018 @ 22:53
Someone said :
I saw Three Billboards. It is very good.

There’s racism portrayed in it of course but that’s the setting and it’s not a huge part of the movie. It’s really only evident in one character and he gets a hard time throughout the movie so it’s not glorified.

People who are slamming it for being racist are idiots. People really go out these days to criticise and be offended by everything. They look for problems and latch on to anything they can to appear relevant.

Bore off.

Totally agree, the planet is infested with moaniness.
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# 17 : Monday 5-3-2018 @ 06:57
I’m most happy about ...

Get Out winning Original Screenplay

Mitzee from Hollyoaks!!!!! Winning Live Action Short Film for The Silent Child

Happy enough with The Shape Of Water ..
# 18 : Monday 5-3-2018 @ 19:40
No real surprises on the night apart from someone getting arrested for allegedly stealing Frances McDormand's Oscar.
# 19 : Monday 5-3-2018 @ 21:10
Delighted for Frances and her co-star whatshisname, 3 Billboards is a brilliant movie.
# 20 : Monday 5-3-2018 @ 22:05
Sam Rockwell was a deserved winner for Best Supporting Actor. He was brilliant in Three Billboard.
# 21 : Tuesday 6-3-2018 @ 21:19
"Loving Vincent" should have won best animated film.
# 22 : Tuesday 6-3-2018 @ 21:56
It was funny that they brought Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway back to announce Best Picture!
# 23 : Thursday 8-3-2018 @ 13:44
With all the praise its getting, I feel like I'm taking crazy pills but I found the Shape of Water to be half-baked and dull. There was no charm or mystery to it. I normally love Del Toro's work too.
# 24 : Thursday 8-3-2018 @ 21:56
Saw Ladybird this evening. It's enjoyable. Saoirse Ronan is really good in it. She'll get that Oscar win one day!
# 25 : Friday 9-3-2018 @ 00:58
Both the above posts do not fill me with confidence or desire,thank you, think i'll go with Amazing Woman.
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