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JOINED 15-MAR-2013
Kilkenny Dungeon Crossdressing Service
Dungeon room,
Beauty/sissy, crossdresser room,
school/office room.
Shower & toilet facilities,
Wireless Internet Connection: Keep in touch with office, work, & contacts on your device,
Refreshment and cooking facilities available.

Private & Comfortable.
Multi-roomed, multi-spaces, extremely atmospheric, 3 incredibly equipped play-rooms.
Full instruction available on use of equipment if required.
Full private use of a complete house, Everything included in your hire; Dungeon room, Beauty room, school/office room, Kitchen, Bathroom, Shower.
One of the largest & most fantastic array of fetish & BDSM equipment, toys and furniture, available for hourly hire in Ireland. All included in your hire.

Bondage Torture Bed, st andrews cross, spanking bench, full lenght cage

Violet Wand Set with electrodes & probes,
Powerful Electrical Massager,

Leather Hoods, pvc Hoods,
Steel Shackle Sets & Steel Hog Tie set & Bondage Irons
Nipple Clamps, Canes, Paddles, Crops, Floggers, multi tails, whips and single tails,
Slave Table, Breast Clamps, Chastity Devices, Stretcher/Spreader Bars,
Blindfolds, M Body Harnesses, ass hook,

Fetish Boot Collection (Sizes F UK six),
Fetish Shoe Collection (Sizes F UK six ) (M UK size eight - twelve),
crossdressing wardrobe,

Ball Gag, O Ring Gag, Bit Gag,
Wrist Ankle & Thigh Cuffs, Strapping Sets, Abundant rope, chains & clips.

Located in a spacious house, in a very well to do discrete area 5mins Drive from Kilkenny City.
Free Parking by arrangement.
Most charming, inspiring, creative surroundings, relaxing, comfortable, warm, cool, fresh, clean, cosy, very private and secure.
Very clean, excellently organised & presented, comfortable, imaginative & friendly.
Total privacy, security & discretion respected and expected at all times.
No one else will be in these facilities during your play, just yourselves and your guests, should you invite them.
Designed for consenting, sensible, adult couples. A life style environment Discreet & sophisticated play space. Ideal for the adventurous and discerning.
Constant upgrading and development. This project is mature & developed but continues to be expanded and improved.
A totally resourced dungeon facility... you need bring nothing with you.
2 Friendly, scene-experienced, life style dungeon keepers on hand, in separate private inner sanctum.
Or rooms are set up to cater for the requirements of BDSM couples. (novice or experienced) are also welcome.

At the beginning of your first hire you will always be shown around the dungeon to explain the layout, facilities and Health and Safety arrangements. During this tour you can ask questions you wish regarding the use of equipment.

A tour without questions will last approximately 10 minutes but can be extended longer as you wish to cover (according to your questions) the basic use of any equipment that is in the dungeon.

The introductory tour is part of your hire and will commence at the beginning of your first hire upon your arrival.

If you wish to use The Violet Wands or E-Stim equipment please let us know as essential instruction in its safe use needs to be covered in your tour.
If you do not indicate an interest in these items during your introductory tour you may find them NON OPERATIONAL during your hire.
If you are a particularly interested in a very full explanation of equipment you will need to arrange an extended tour.

Extended Tours and Training:
If you want to visit the Dungeon just to have a good look around... Perhaps you are not sure if you want to make a hire for play, or maybe you want to build your own dungeon and want to see how it's done.
You might want to learn how to use the dungeon equipment (you may want to plan ahead for your hire), or you are just curious, or you are a redundant News of the World journalist desperate for a story, what ever, you don't have to explain.
An Extended Tour will give you a good opportunity to see if the dungeon is suitable for your requirements.

An extended guided tour (for one or two adults) with no obligation to subsequently hire the Dungeon can be arranged for 60Euros.
You can ask as many questions as you wish and the operation of any equipment can be demonstrated, explained and discussed in detail.
The tour can concentrate on any piece of equipment or type of play you wish to investigate.
The Dungeon Keepers are qualified with greater than twenty years experience of working in BDSM activity.
We can apply or expertise and experience and share or knowledge of the safe and effective use of S/M equipment with you. An extended guided tour will last one hour including refreshments and discussion at the end.

Initially email with the time and date you would like and we will reply with information on how to proceed.
Your enquiries will be replied by email within 24 hours probably more rapidly during operational periods.
If you are a returning visitor immediate arrangements can be made subject to availability.
In these special cases reservations can be taken on a "trust" basis and the deposit would be owed retrospectively in the event of cancellation.You could just Telephone or Email for availability.
Minimum Hire 2 hours 150 Euros.
Every extra hour there after: 75Euros.

We want to bring some friends, is that possible?
Yes, if you wish to bring extra slaves / Masters / Mistresses (and/or friends) to play with, or to watch you, or to film or photograph you that is not a problem. But there will be an extra charge. The normal Booking fee structure assumes a couple will be using the facilities.

If there are more than two of you attending your session it will entail an additional 30Euros per hour for each extra person for the entirety of your hire.

You will be able to let your guests into the dungeon to join you as you wish but please advise the Dungeon Keepers of these plans.
There is more than sufficient equipment in the dungeon (and space) to accommodate group activity.
The maximum size of group that can be accommodated for a Dungeon Hire is Six.

When you make your booking please advise us of your plans if bringing gustes so adequate preparation can be made for your visit, to ensure there are no surprises or disappointments on the day.

Then Email us with the time and date you want and you will receive a swift reply confirming availability and information on how to confirm your hire.

An advance deposit is required (aprox 50% of the hire charge) to confirm your booking. This can be paid by cash/cheque via post or by an online payment. Once the deposit is received, your booking is confirmed and full contact details and a detailed location map will be sent to you. payments by online money transfer, 3money card, amazon gift voucher, cash/cheque,

The deposit is an initial payment for the hire and you will pay the balance remaining in cash on the day of your hire. If you need to cancel a confirmed booking your deposit can not be refunded or transferred. More info regarding our cancellation policy here.

Your booking is only entered in our diary, and as a confirmed booking when we have received your deposit. We can not hold time slots for you until the deposit is recieved.

Cancelation Policy:
Will we get our deposit refunded if we cancel or change the time of our booking?
The deposit that is taken from you to secure your booking in advance is non refundable.

The deposit required is aprox 50% of the hire charge and can be paid by online banking, Cash/Check through the post, amazon gift card, 3money card, The balance of the hire charge is paid on the day of the hire in cash.

Once allocated to you no one else can book that Dungeon Time.
If you cancel you may have stopped another from using that time.
Also the Dungeon Keepers time will have been organised to cover your allocated time, it probably will not be possible to find alternative productive arrangements for the dungeon keepers time or the dungeon space.
So both the Dungeon Keeper and the Hirer will lose out financially if the Hirer is unable to proceed with their booking once it has been allocated to them.

More than 48 hours notice of cancellation the deposit can be used for another hire without penalty.

Less than 48 hours notice of cancellation you lose the deposit.

Less than 48 hours notice you lose your deposit and full payment of the balance of the hire is expected.

If a hire is cancelled with less than 48 hours notice there will be no chance for alternative arrangements for the Dungeon or the Dungeon Keepers time so full payment for the hire will be expected.
more info email swwiftyy@gmail.com
Date : 3 Oct 2016
Time : 14:47 PM
Location :   Athlone
Price : -
Type : Offered
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