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JOINED 27-NOV-2017
Is it okay to keep sending my girlfriend gifts by choice What do you guys think
Is it okay to keep sending my girlfriend gifts by choice? What do you guys think?

I’m from the United States and my girlfriend is all the way in the Philippines. We met through an online dating site called AFA and we have been in a steady relationship for almost a year now. Within the year, I’ve constantly been sending her gifts.

There’s nothing I like more than to have a chance to spoil a lady but it has been pointed out to me by my friends and family that I’ve been spending too much on her. I’ve talked to my girlfriend and she appreciates my efforts but would also want me to minimize sending her gifts all the time.

I understand that it may seem like a lot but personally, I feel like it’s not enough. I pour my heart out with everything I buy for her since we’re in a long distance relationship. It’s more meaningful for me to let her receive things which she can actually feel, rather than me saying stuff via chat. It makes me think that my love is more serious in this way of thinking and can also reinforce her thoughts about me and how much I love her.

Am I the only one who thinks this way? Is this way of thinking even normal or maybe I’m just being paranoid? My girlfriend doesn’t complain either way if I send her things or not but I’m just starting to think that what I’m doing is a bit too much. I’d love to hear any opinions about this because I’m really dense when it comes to spoiling my loved ones. The holidays are also coming up so I would like to see if I should shorten my gift list or not. Thanks in advance!
Date : 27 Nov 2017
Time : 03:56 AM
Location :   California
Age : 37 YO
Type : No Strings Fun
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