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Brand New Topics : 107 Topics
Adieu Theresa May...  7 Posts
So Mrs Theresa May, second female Prime Minister of the UK, and helmsperson of..
Last post Yesterday at 13:01 
Spanking    2 Posts
Is there any body in Meath interest in spanking a sissy in sch..
Last post on 22-5-2019 at 22:30 
Gloryholes  3 Posts
Anybody know of any good gloryholes around the dublin area?.never been ..
Last post on 19-5-2019 at 23:10 
A Good Meet Up?? Gaire Meet At Fade Street, Dublin 2 - Fri ...    41 Posts
Hi is anyone interested in meeting for food and drinks in Dubl..
Last post Today at 14:22  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Recommendations  2 Posts
Can anyone recommend good spots for crossdressers in Torremolinos. ..
Last post on 18-5-2019 at 12:04 
Divorce Referendum. Tá Ná Nil? Níl Nó Tá?    25 Posts
Voted. Sorry if there is already a thread : am on the phone... So limited capabi..
Last post Today at 14:59  [1]  [2] 
New Center Parcs Resort Longford - Thinking Of Going?  4 Posts
So, the first (and given our small population maybe the only) Center Parcs reso..
Last post on 16-5-2019 at 14:10 
Re:Dating In Dublin  6 Posts
Hi all, 36 year old Bi guy here interested in meeting a nice guy for dates e..
Last post on 16-5-2019 at 22:22 
Other Sites  6 Posts
Hey I am looking for other sites like gaire I'm specifically looking for hook up..
Last post on 15-5-2019 at 01:51 
Counselling  16 Posts
Anybody here have experiences of counselling? I myself have been getting it sinc..
Last post on 17-5-2019 at 18:46  [1]  [2] 
Religion And Homophobic Hatred  6 Posts
It seems that organized religion and homophobic hatred and bigotry go hand in ha..
Last post on 11-5-2019 at 16:48 
Holiday 2019  4 Posts
Any plans?
Last post on 7-5-2019 at 08:11 
Saving The Planet, What Can I Do?  16 Posts
Taking out my stove, oil heating and reducing meat consumption to once a week. ..
Last post on 8-5-2019 at 15:17  [1]  [2] 
End To Aids In Sight  3 Posts
End to Aids in sight as huge study finds drugs stop HIV transmission An end to..
Last post on 3-5-2019 at 18:22 
European And Local Elections 2019    125 Posts
So the European and local elections are almost upon us, to be held on 24th May...
Last post Today at 14:20  [1]  [2] ... [8]  [9] 
American Hate Preacher Due In Dublin    37 Posts
The Dutch cabinet is looking into banning an American preacher who advocates the..
Last post on 15-5-2019 at 08:01  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Free HPV Vaccine For MSM Under 45  10 Posts
Hi Did anyone know MSM under 45 can get a free HPV vaccine. https://www.sexualw..
Last post on 25-4-2019 at 21:15 
Could You Date A Messy Drunk    50 Posts
So., you’re out having a few with your significant other. They hit the beer pre..
Last post on 11-5-2019 at 18:05  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
Glamworld Or Basic Instincts Porn Cinemas... Best For TVs ...  2 Posts
Thinking of dressing up in my sexy lingerie and stockings and having fun in a p..
Last post on 17-4-2019 at 19:28 
Crossdress Outdoor  2 Posts
Can someone recommends some places in Galway or Mayo where is quite for crossdre..
Last post on 22-4-2019 at 08:47 
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