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Brand New Topics : 116 Topics
Linguistic Discrimination: Should It Be Added To The List  3 Posts
Should mocking a regional accent be put on the list of legally recognized discri..
Last post Today at 13:30 
Crumbling Homes - Mica In Concrete Scandal  2 Posts
First there was the Priory Hall debacle, where an entire apartment complex in N..
Last post Yesterday at 18:45 
Kim Tate's Return  6 Posts
Emmerdale tonight. Finally we saw the return of Kim Tate. 19 year's since she la..
Last post on 12-10-2018 at 23:34 
Cremation...The Musical  4 Posts
What music would you like at your cremation, would it be classical, rock, tr..
Last post on 9-10-2018 at 21:52 
Flirty Skirts?  4 Posts
What kinds of skirts do You Consider As Flirty Skirts?
Last post on 9-10-2018 at 09:23 
Trans Bars Question  6 Posts
Always wanted to know which trans bars are the best in Dublin ..
Last post on 24-9-2018 at 22:36 
A Decent Female Wig  3 Posts
Does anyone know where in Dublin I could get a decent and feminine-enough lo..
Last post on 18-9-2018 at 17:39 
Your Favourite TV Adverts (80s And 90s)  12 Posts
Ok so, for those of us from the 80s or 90, what are you favo..
Last post on 16-10-2018 at 22:02 
Sexy Words And Phrases In An Irish Accent  2 Posts
Are there any words and/or phrases which you find sexy? For me..
Last post on 9-10-2018 at 22:16 
Presidential Election 2018      34 Posts
The Presidential Election is set for 26 October. There will also be a referendu..
Last post Today at 03:17  [1]  [2]  [3] 
The 1990s - A Decade Of Huge Changes?  3 Posts
What are Gaireans memories of Ireland back in the 90s? For me it was my coming o..
Last post on 17-9-2018 at 14:17 
How Do You Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You Or Is Just ...  6 Posts
I mean it seems obvious that the answer is you should just ask them to find out...
Last post on 17-9-2018 at 03:49 
User Friendly Interface For Smartphones  3 Posts
I have been in touch with a few former regular posters on the message boards her..
Last post on 17-9-2018 at 18:31 
Masturbating In Womens Clothes    4 Posts
Does anyone here like masturbating while dressed in women's cl..
Last post on 15-9-2018 at 02:30 
Big Brother 2018  29 Posts
With the Celeb version barely off our screens, the good old civilian series kic..
Last post on 14-10-2018 at 21:21  [1]  [2] 
Truckers At Service Stations And Motorway Lay-by's  4 Posts
I travel quite a bit around the country and often wondered if it is possible to ..
Last post on 13-9-2018 at 16:39 
Remind Me  1 Post
i asked a question a week or so ago and had a brief exchange with someone for..
Last post on 11-9-2018 at 20:08 
President Hopeful Cured At Knock    32 Posts
I thought we had left these nutcases aside JOAN FREEMAN .Who gives these people ..
Last post on 11-10-2018 at 06:58  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Why Is The Forum Eating Line Spaces?  12 Posts
Why are the lines spaces in my post getting eaten? Plz fix.
Last post on 15-9-2018 at 21:40 
Crossdressing Female Roles  2 Posts
Ok so, which of these two female res would you play if you could?(1) Offic..
Last post on 10-9-2018 at 05:20 
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