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Brand New Topics : 109 Topics
Ploughing Championships    8 Posts
Is anyone heading to the ploughing championships??? looking to get..
Last post on 19-9-2019 at 18:19 
Mansplaining Vs Womansplaining  4 Posts
Has the "all men are oppressors" complaining gone a tad too far, to amount to "..
Last post on 17-9-2019 at 08:16 
Gareth Thomas Discloses His HIV+ Status.  7 Posts
Gareth Thomas, former Wales rugby and Lions captain, who came out as gay in 20..
Last post on 17-9-2019 at 07:37 
Best Caption Wins A Hamper Of Quinnsworth Yellow Pack ...  11 Posts
Last post on 21-9-2019 at 20:53 
A Very Specific Query - The Specific Thread  4 Posts
Here is a very specific* query: I am looking for an Android App that does somet..
Last post on 16-9-2019 at 13:12 
Your Ireland, In Pictures..  3 Posts
Post any Pics you like from your travels around Ireland. Doesn't all have to be ..
Last post on 1-9-2019 at 12:38 
Hows Everybody .. Come Say Hello Im Friendly  3 Posts
Hi all newbie here to the forum newbie to doing this also im 26 m i..
Last post on 26-8-2019 at 12:48 
Tights Or Bare, Legs. Which Do You Prefer  12 Posts
Okfolks, quick question. Which do you pprefer tights or bare legs? I l..
Last post on 21-9-2019 at 00:07 
No Sex Relationship  11 Posts
I know this site sometimes gets a lot of people slagging others off when they ar..
Last post on 10-9-2019 at 08:37 
Traveling To Dublin And Limerick - Best Spots To Meet ...  3 Posts
Good day! I am a middle aged trans guy heading to Dublin and then taking a bus S..
Last post on 27-8-2019 at 12:19 
Anti-fascism  15 Posts
There's Butters doing his bit to oppose the rise of fascism in Ireland https://..
Last post on 14-8-2019 at 23:12  [1] 
TravellerDub  15 Posts
I'm sorry to let you know that TravellerDub passed away suddenly last Thursday f..
Last post on 8-8-2019 at 21:20  [1] 
Another Mass Shooting    33 Posts
Another mass shooting in the US, can this one be linked to Trump directly and h..
Last post on 1-9-2019 at 18:28  [1]  [2]  [3] 
PM Bollocks Johnson    49 Posts
Do you think, his Government will last until Oct 31 2019 and will there be a GE..
Last post on 5-9-2019 at 23:21  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
Tipperary / Thurles Pride 27th July  2 Posts
For anyone wanting a night out in Tipperary this has come across my radar. In ..
Last post on 26-7-2019 at 21:41 
What Is The Main Reason You Use Gaire?  11 Posts
What is it about the website that makes you use it and keep coming back?
Last post on 28-7-2019 at 21:05 
Parents Still Not Accepting  11 Posts
Hi Does anyone else have a mother or father, who still has problem with you be..
Last post on 30-7-2019 at 12:28 
Travel Mate First Two Weeks Sept  1 Post
hi looking for some one to share accom costs for sun locaton f..
Last post on 22-7-2019 at 18:02 
Nomophobia: Are You A Survivor?    2 Posts
You are a nomophobia survivor if you experienced the irrational fear of not havi..
Last post on 22-7-2019 at 16:24 
Really Need Some Advice  6 Posts
Really need some good advice. A x good friend of mine I was friends with for yea..
Last post on 22-7-2019 at 15:39 
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