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Sexual Issues
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Sexual Issues : 557 Topics
Masturbation    59 Posts
How integral is masturbation in your life
Last post on 19-9-2020 at 15:23  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
Nudism  18 Posts
Anyone else likes walking around nude especially on a beach on a hot sunny day? ..
Last post on 18-9-2020 at 13:49  [1]  [2] 
Wanking    2 Posts
Looking for a wank buddy anyone interested?
Last post on 23-8-2020 at 18:34 
What's The Kinkyist Thing You Ever Did ?    92 Posts
Or would you admit it. Mine was sucking a transgender woman's cock (she had quit..
Last post on 17-8-2020 at 23:54  [1]  [2] ... [6]  [7] 
Fantasy Vacation/Dirty Travel Advice  3 Posts
Hi first topic so please be kind. Not totally familiar with forum. Basically I'..
Last post on 4-8-2020 at 19:04 
Like To Fuck From Underneath  5 Posts
Aldo from behind is very very nice, I like to see a cock hard while fucking ..
Last post on 30-7-2020 at 09:32 
Condom, Or Not???    62 Posts
Are you a condom or not type of guy? I'm a TOP guy and very clean and checked r..
Last post on 30-7-2020 at 03:30  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5] 
Mature Gay Guys In West Cork    6 Posts
I live in wonderful Skibbereen in West Cork (Bi TOP guy). How come, with su..
Last post on 4-7-2020 at 16:35 
Random Sex Safety    40 Posts
So I'm pretty new to the whole casual sex thing. I found myself in a serious mon..
Last post on 16-6-2020 at 20:53  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Fetishes And Stuff  5 Posts
This is a half sexual topic half a thinking topic. I've been writing abstract f..
Last post on 23-5-2020 at 22:09 
Straight Male Fantasizing About Gay Sex    68 Posts
I'm very much a straight male, I dont find myself attracted to men normally at ..
Last post on 9-4-2020 at 14:23  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5] 
What Constitutes A Sexual Encounter?    44 Posts
Are there more than one kind of encounters? From sex with tractors, to “a blow ..
Last post on 1-4-2020 at 20:11  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Man Wants Castration    53 Posts
...my friend is 57 and feels he has always wanted to be castrated but the desi..
Last post on 16-3-2020 at 14:51  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
Advice For First Time Bottom.  23 Posts
Long story short. I am chatting with an experienced guy about a hookup for the p..
Last post on 12-3-2020 at 14:55  [1]  [2] 
What Are Your Fav Wanking Sites?    73 Posts
What are your fav wanking sites? mine are http://www.beachandpool.net http://bo..
Last post on 9-3-2020 at 22:03  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5] 
Grindr- Good Or Bad  5 Posts
I find this app can be frustrating sometimes. Even though we all use it for sex ..
Last post on 8-3-2020 at 14:07 
Deadnaming: Disrespectful Big Deal, Or Historical Accuracy?    13 Posts
To deadname someone is to call them by the name they had before they changed the..
Last post on 2-3-2020 at 11:20 
Sweet Size  20 Posts
In praise of small dicks. Anyone? Only positive comments, please. ..
Last post on 29-2-2020 at 09:49  [1]  [2] 
Tucking  7 Posts
I have this need to tuck. Just wondered if anyone else was the same.
Last post on 25-2-2020 at 17:23 
Blow Jobbing  17 Posts
I noticed a sizeable proportion of profiles on various hookup sites that contain..
Last post on 1-2-2020 at 18:01  [1]  [2] 
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