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Going Out
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Going Out : 851 Topics
Trannie Friendly Venues In Dublin    41 Posts
Does anyone have any advice on good trannie friendly venues in Dublin. Love the ..
Last post on 5-9-2014 at 14:00  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Electric Pop Rox * Saturday, 30th August * Dive Bar Dublin  10 Posts
Last post on 30-8-2014 at 08:20 
Mini-Meet At Big's: Pre Pop Rox Drinks July 19th      132 Posts
The warm-up: Where:Big's Bar, Ellis Quay, Dublin, Ireland Dublin 7 When: Fro..
Last post on 29-8-2014 at 20:20  [1]  [2] ... [8]  [9] 
Electric Pop Rox * Saturday, 30th August * Dive Bar Dublin  1 Post
Last post on 26-8-2014 at 13:15 
Pop Rox * Saturday, 23rd August * Dive Bar Dublin  6 Posts
Last post on 24-8-2014 at 11:57 
Saturday Night In/Out?  9 Posts
Do you go out every Saturday night? Or much like myself it's TV, dvd, dinner a..
Last post on 23-8-2014 at 23:25 
AUG 24 Sunday Social's LGBTNOISE March For Marriage AFTER ...  1 Post
http://www.gaire.com/db2-images/23194274_fb_dame.jpg https://www.facebook.com/e..
Last post on 22-8-2014 at 17:11 
Pop Rox * 16th August * Dive Bar Dublin  9 Posts
Last post on 16-8-2014 at 19:48 
Galway Scene 2014  3 Posts
Hi. In Galway this weekend . Are there any gay bars? Everythin..
Last post on 16-8-2014 at 18:42 
National Heritage Week  10 Posts
http://www.heritageweek.ie/ I picked up a copy of the National Heritage week br..
Last post on 15-8-2014 at 06:34 
The Dublin Theatre Festival  3 Posts
Anybody interested in going to anything during this? Borstal "Boy" is playing at..
Last post on 12-8-2014 at 23:12 
Recovery Walk Dublin....  1 Post
http://recoverywalkireland.com/. Hi, placed this in the going out se..
Last post on 10-8-2014 at 11:21 
Crush- End Of Summer Kiki- Aug 15th  1 Post
Last post on 7-8-2014 at 14:47 
Cork Pride 2014    53 Posts
So it is on this weekend, who shall be in attendance? Myself and Herself will..
Last post on 5-8-2014 at 18:43  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
Pop Rox * 2nd August * Dive Bar Dublin  14 Posts
Last post on 4-8-2014 at 20:08 
I Swear I'm Funny!  19 Posts
Have you ever changed you mind about someone sexually from a "maybe/nah" to a "y..
Last post on 3-8-2014 at 01:53  [1]  [2] 
Irish Beer Festival - Impromptu Meet  10 Posts
Anyone up for an impromptu meet at the Irish Beer Festival at the IFSC, George'..
Last post on 31-7-2014 at 22:05 
Galway Races  2 Posts
I'm heading to the races on Thursday and Friday and was wondering a..
Last post on 25-7-2014 at 20:15 
Thursday Drinks: Dublin International Gay Social Group. ...  11 Posts
Hey thought some of you might like to go to this. It's just a group of gay men a..
Last post on 25-7-2014 at 01:16 
Beach Or Other Day Out  9 Posts
hey I'm going crazy at home this week. Anyone else in a similar unemployment sit..
Last post on 23-7-2014 at 12:46 
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