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Could You Rough It?  14 Posts
I love shows like The Island with Bear Grylls and I'm watching one at the moment..
Last post on 18-11-2020 at 12:07 
Space X: Privatizing Space, Space Porn (=tourism), Or Good ...  14 Posts
Space X had its first successfully "manned" mission. Is it the start of a fully..
Last post on 18-11-2020 at 00:26 
Funny News  18 Posts
The Viper's news feed has been picked up by Russian TV. Great idea that makes yo..
Last post on 17-11-2020 at 16:42  [1]  [2] 
Don’t Sweat It. But When You Do...  4 Posts
Natural sweat, in a clean person, can contribute to a body odor which can have..
Last post on 16-11-2020 at 21:32 
Infomercials/Advertorials: Do You Mind?  3 Posts
In the past few weeks I have come across at least 5 click-bait infomercials/adve..
Last post on 16-11-2020 at 20:29 
Facebook And Freedom Of Speech    93 Posts
A man has been charged with posting offensive comments on Facebook after putting..
Last post on 16-11-2020 at 18:08  [1]  [2] ... [6]  [7] 
Blow Jobbing  23 Posts
I noticed a sizeable proportion of profiles on various hookup sites that contain..
Last post on 16-11-2020 at 16:25  [1]  [2] 
Just Saying Hi  18 Posts
Hi I'm Frosty, not looking for anything in particular, just looking for somewh..
Last post on 15-11-2020 at 13:44  [1]  [2] 
Lurkers  10 Posts
Why do lurkers lurk? I think I might become a lurker.... There's only a hand..
Last post on 15-11-2020 at 13:02 
Difficulties And Complications...  16 Posts
Ive tried to check the forums and cant find a related article so admin a..
Last post on 15-11-2020 at 08:05  [1]  [2] 
Slow Cooking - The Long & The Short Of It  10 Posts
Slow Cooking Do you slow cook. I recently bought a slow cooker..
Last post on 15-11-2020 at 00:05 
Music Production  3 Posts
I know a couple of you Guys & Gals are into Music production so, here's a threa..
Last post on 14-11-2020 at 18:45 
The Queen’s Gambit: When TV Makes Chess (Or Something Else) ...  3 Posts
A Netflix series + lockdown = sales of chess boards going through the roof, as ..
Last post on 14-11-2020 at 18:24 
What Is Your Best Work On Gaire?  10 Posts
“I cannot believe I wrote that!”, was my reaction when I read this past post of..
Last post on 14-11-2020 at 01:34 
Epstein Who Are The Other Abusers  8 Posts
Just finished Epstein on Netflix, he clearly allegedly a pedo and allegedly a r..
Last post on 13-11-2020 at 08:15 
Corruption In Ireland.  20 Posts
Squeaky bum time for Varadkar. He'll probably survive but, do you think in gene..
Last post on 12-11-2020 at 23:19  [1]  [2] 
Xmas 2020: What’s In Santa’s Sack?    30 Posts
Have you planned your presents yet? Have you send in your list? Bought main pre..
Last post on 12-11-2020 at 23:07  [1]  [2] 
What's In A Name  18 Posts
What does your Gaire handle mean.? why did you pick it.? One of my middle Name..
Last post on 12-11-2020 at 22:11  [1]  [2] 
How Big Is Your Drinking Problem?  23 Posts
Nowadays a lot of people seem to think that Ireland's biggest drinking problem i..
Last post on 12-11-2020 at 18:52  [1]  [2] 
Pictionary    234 Posts
So I though this might be a fun distraction, basically we play Pictionary. Obvi..
Last post on 12-11-2020 at 18:29  [1]  [2] ... [15]  [16] 
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