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Technology : 332 Topics
Broadband In Wexford...  7 Posts
So for the last couple of years I have been with a local outfit called SKYTEL wh..
Last post on 23-9-2010 at 16:52 
Garmin GPS Systems  6 Posts
As a present I received a gift of a Garmin etrek GPS system. Not being a very te..
Last post on 23-9-2010 at 00:32 
Greyed Out Stand By Button?  3 Posts
Hi I have had this problem for a month or so The stand by button is greyed out I..
Last post on 19-9-2010 at 17:34 
Camcorder  1 Post
Hi guys, I've been asked to film my brothers wedding next year. I'm totally hon..
Last post on 14-9-2010 at 18:27 
Fake Iphones Whats The Craic With Em  7 Posts
seen a few of these on the net but never in person, so are they any use?do they ..
Last post on 14-9-2010 at 03:09 
Spam, Spam And Yet More Spam    4 Posts
I got a lovely (very badly worded/phrased) e-mail from a complete stranger on an..
Last post on 4-9-2010 at 09:43 
Vodafone Home Broadband...  2 Posts
So, this "company" has been the bane of my existance since I got back from Lond..
Last post on 3-9-2010 at 16:51 
Firefox Add-ons.  4 Posts
What, if any Firefox addons do you use? Personally I use No-Script to protect ..
Last post on 30-8-2010 at 11:46 
How To Delete Pics From Profile  2 Posts
cant seem to delete some old photos off my profile can someone tell me how? much..
Last post on 20-8-2010 at 15:00 
Directory Of Broadband Companies In Ireland (Small/Large)  8 Posts
I had a link up until recently that listed all the different companies that prov..
Last post on 15-8-2010 at 01:25 
Where Should I Buy A Laptop    14 Posts
So, for Christmas i bought a new laptop and it has given me nothing since troub..
Last post on 11-8-2010 at 19:03 
Using .Net Framework Need Help  5 Posts
Hi I have a piece of software that I need to run in .net's framework What exactl..
Last post on 8-8-2010 at 18:59 
Cracked.Com  4 Posts
An American humour site that I frequent. I'd imagine that you will have come acr..
Last post on 7-8-2010 at 14:27 
India Develops Laptop For $30  5 Posts
Great story here.
Last post on 23-7-2010 at 18:57 
Open Chat Rooms  4 Posts
Does anyone know of any chat rooms that are open access, not requiring registra..
Last post on 15-7-2010 at 16:19 
Cheap Laptop Recommendations?..Acer Netbooks Any Good?  4 Posts
anyone into computers? not great myself but also not that bad.. im getting a..
Last post on 9-7-2010 at 01:59 
The Maker Bot  4 Posts
A printer with a difference, it prints 3D useful objects, I have a feeling tha..
Last post on 8-7-2010 at 16:06 
Sexy Stylish Mobile Phones.  4 Posts
The new generation of mobile phones is on the horizon. Ever wanted that James ..
Last post on 29-6-2010 at 22:14 
Is Samsung Wave S8500 Any Good ?  4 Posts
A guy was showing me one of these Samsung touchscreen's today and he swears by i..
Last post on 29-6-2010 at 15:25 
Official E3 Thread    39 Posts
I thought I'd start a thread on the Electronic Exhibition Expo (E3) where any an..
Last post on 16-6-2010 at 19:18  [1]  [2]  [3] 
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