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Love / Health
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Love / Health : 423 Topics
Is It A Bird Flu? Is It A Swine Flu? No, It's Superbug!  22 Posts
Just when you thought it was safe to stand beside a stranger, scientists have d..
Last post on 19-12-2010 at 22:16  [1]  [2] 
Leukaemia Treatment 'Cures' Man Of HIV  23 Posts
An HIV positive man who received a bone marrow transplant after developing leuka..
Last post on 18-12-2010 at 12:59  [1]  [2] 
HSE & Carers - RTE Programme  12 Posts
How can we express our concerns about the sad
Last post on 14-12-2010 at 11:48 
Places You Met Your Lovers - Do They Matter?  14 Posts
Have the places you met your lovers mattered? The lovers could be one night sta..
Last post on 11-12-2010 at 10:16 
Tv/Ts Friendly Makeup Artists In Limerick Area  2 Posts
Does anybody know any tv/ts friendley make up artists in the Limerick area who 1..
Last post on 29-11-2010 at 18:07 
Partner Of Four Years Just Broke Up With Me Completely Out ...    79 Posts
I rarely post on here, but I really feel like I need to talk to people about th..
Last post on 17-11-2010 at 16:09  [1]  [2] ... [5]  [6] 
What Constitutes A Date?    141 Posts
I had a discussion with a straight female friend the other night about what prec..
Last post on 15-11-2010 at 21:03  [1]  [2] ... [9]  [10] 
Laptop Or Kids?  17 Posts
For men, using a laptop on your lap (of all places), might have unfortunate ac..
Last post on 9-11-2010 at 16:10  [1]  [2] 
How Resilient Are You?  11 Posts
When I start being sick, my body has a decision to make: can I afford to be sic..
Last post on 7-11-2010 at 07:38 
Sharing Too Much    39 Posts
Mister T's thread about shared secrets got me thinking about people who share to..
Last post on 27-10-2010 at 00:57  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Burning Sensation In Sun  9 Posts
No not sunburn. There is no redness nor any signs. I seem to have developed thi..
Last post on 24-10-2010 at 15:53 
Turning Points. Things That Changed Your Life Or Outlook.  4 Posts
What turning points have changed your life. It could be something dramatic that ..
Last post on 18-10-2010 at 19:03 
Project Prevention - Eugenics To Come To Ireland?    74 Posts
An American Grandmother from South Carolina, Barbara Harris (57), wants to bri..
Last post on 18-10-2010 at 13:36  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5] 
What Do You See When You Close Your Eyes?  7 Posts
What or who do you see? Do you need to force your imagination, or closing your ..
Last post on 17-10-2010 at 07:09 
OkCupid On Gay Vs Straight  17 Posts
Dating website OkCupid did some research on gay vs straight members. Their findi..
Last post on 14-10-2010 at 15:51  [1]  [2] 
Autism - Where Are You?    2 Posts
Where do you fall on the Autism spectrum?
Last post on 12-10-2010 at 11:16 
103,498 Gay Male HIV Diagnoses In Europe Since 1989    47 Posts
In the surveillance report by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Con..
Last post on 26-9-2010 at 00:45  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
Aids In America 1987  2 Posts
This is a great video showing, I guess, how far attitudes have changed towards..
Last post on 16-9-2010 at 18:09 
The Sound Of Silence  7 Posts
For as long as I remember, there's been at least background noise in my gaff. ..
Last post on 3-9-2010 at 17:49 
Cramps In My Legs    33 Posts
Hello just wonder if anyone has ever woken during the night and felt agonising..
Last post on 3-9-2010 at 14:36  [1]  [2]  [3] 
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