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Food / Drink
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Food / Drink : 225 Topics
Eating Out - Then And Now  13 Posts
I was on another web forum on the subject of eating out. We all agreed that back..
Last post on 27-10-2016 at 10:58 
Plates V Slates?      33 Posts
So there seems to be a little backlash on twitter about some of the strange ways..
Last post on 6-10-2016 at 19:05  [1]  [2]  [3] 
What Is Your Signature Dessert?    39 Posts
I'm sure most of us would make a dessert once in a while even if it simple. What..
Last post on 24-9-2016 at 15:34  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Baking Thread    99 Posts
I saw this on telly last week and it's delicious Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter..
Last post on 30-8-2016 at 07:51  [1]  [2] ... [6]  [7] 
Food Allergies  13 Posts
Is it possible to develop an allergy to certain foods? I've never had an issue ..
Last post on 21-8-2016 at 20:52 
Wine/Food Combinations  10 Posts
This is a thread where you could discuss wine and food combinations. I'll star..
Last post on 9-8-2016 at 23:43 
Best Italian Restaurant In Dublin?  10 Posts
Hi all, just wondering what you think the best Italian restaurant in Dublin is..
Last post on 5-8-2016 at 20:10 
So Hungover..    107 Posts
For every Saturday for me forever probably.
Last post on 28-5-2016 at 22:24  [1]  [2] ... [7]  [8] 
Help!!!  6 Posts
Calling for help from all the Gaire beer experts.. I am cooking tonight for the..
Last post on 26-4-2016 at 16:36 
Christmas Cooking, What Will You Make?    48 Posts
Will you be doing the cooking over the Christmas or will your partner, sibling ..
Last post on 26-12-2015 at 20:05  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
Do You Check Your Poo?      93 Posts
This is not a thread about a disgusting fetishism linked to fecal worship. This ..
Last post on 22-12-2015 at 01:51  [1]  [2] ... [6]  [7] 
Dessert Recommendations For Christmas.  28 Posts
Hmmm, I want to make dessert for Christmas Day but don't know what to make? I h..
Last post on 8-12-2015 at 15:43  [1]  [2] 
Twelve Pubs Of Christmas    92 Posts
The 12 pubs of Christmas is happening this Saturday starting at 3pm in Mulligans..
Last post on 5-12-2015 at 12:00  [1]  [2] ... [6]  [7] 
Cheese  5 Posts
Is there a general rule that you can use to tell if the rind on a cheese should ..
Last post on 2-12-2015 at 00:02 
Weight Loss Help Needed.    210 Posts
Hey there folks. I have been starting to get back into the weight loss game and..
Last post on 30-11-2015 at 00:38  [1]  [2] ... [13]  [14] 
New Gay Bar  10 Posts
Great new gay friendly bar opened on Dame Street . Its Called The Front Door . T..
Last post on 29-11-2015 at 21:43 
Does Too Much Drink Depress You?  12 Posts
I had a nice few pints 2 nights ago and yesterday evening my mind was racing a b..
Last post on 14-11-2015 at 18:13 
Do You Like Burritos?  23 Posts
Back in the 90s when I was doing my J1 in San Francisco I discovered and fell in..
Last post on 31-10-2015 at 14:25  [1]  [2] 
Dublin This Bank Holiday  7 Posts
Hi does anyone know if anything else is on tomorrow night apart from Bukkake and..
Last post on 26-10-2015 at 01:36 
Where To Eat On A Date In Dublin  22 Posts
where would u bring a date for a bite to eat, if you wanna make a good impressi..
Last post on 9-10-2015 at 23:08  [1]  [2] 
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