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Going Out
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Going Out : 851 Topics
Gay Saunas  5 Posts
Does anybody know of any gay saunas outside of the dublin area? ..
Last post on 19-10-2016 at 12:44 
Special Screening Of Pride  5 Posts
Gethin Roberts, one of the original member of Lesbians and Gays Support the Min..
Last post on 23-9-2016 at 22:08 
Culture Night September 16th  7 Posts
Where will you go, what will you see, go with the flow, it's all for free. ht..
Last post on 19-9-2016 at 08:32 
Nova Galway  1 Post
hi, has anyone checked out nova bar in galway yet?
Last post on 8-9-2016 at 08:40 
Pleasure House  2 Posts
Hey guys heard of this place near Harcourt St, anyone know if..
Last post on 3-9-2016 at 16:30 
Nova Gay Bar Galway  21 Posts
Open 7 days a week from 7pm each day. Drag acts and DJ at weekends. 1 William S..
Last post on 19-8-2016 at 09:40  [1]  [2] 
Straight And Friendly, Or Gay And Interested.  5 Posts
I suppose this is a topic about two things, One, I became suddenly aware tod..
Last post on 26-7-2016 at 22:15 
August 27th-28th - Countryside Gaire Meet? Donegal?    9 Posts
Would there be an interest for something in Donegal, on the last week-end of Au..
Last post on 23-7-2016 at 11:51 
Geocaching. Anyone Geocache?  7 Posts
A lot of my continental friends love this and seems to be becoming popular thoug..
Last post on 22-7-2016 at 08:57 
Do You Have A Pet?    30 Posts
I've been thinking of getting a cat or a small dog as a pet. How many Gaireans h..
Last post on 19-6-2016 at 20:33  [1]  [2] 
Convincing TVs    2 Posts
love to meet couple of convincing TVS to dress and maybe pla..
Last post on 17-6-2016 at 00:45 
Gaire Camping Trip 2016    6 Posts
I don't see why we can't have both a road trip and a camping trip as they most c..
Last post on 10-6-2016 at 19:19 
Mother: Sixth Birthday  1 Post
This Saturday, Mother celebrates six years on the club scene! From our weekly ..
Last post on 1-6-2016 at 17:20 
Mullingar LGBT NIght    1 Post
Hi All, Our new Social Night poster for June http://www.gaire.com/db3-images/7..
Last post on 30-5-2016 at 14:38 
Best Place In Dublin For Party  2 Posts
Hi I'm trying to organize a 40th in town, I think they're will be about 20 to ..
Last post on 21-5-2016 at 18:27 
Animal Friendly Pubs  18 Posts
Is you local animal friendly? Do you give them good press and recommend them for..
Last post on 8-5-2016 at 18:15  [1]  [2] 
Mother: Pride Block Party 2016: Sat June 25  1 Post
On Saturday June 25th, Mother is teaming up with Smirnoff to host our biggest ..
Last post on 6-5-2016 at 19:56 
Gay Theatre Festival 2016  1 Post
Saw "The Ref" in the Pearse Theatre tonight, very funny play parodies certain se..
Last post on 4-5-2016 at 23:38 
Loafer's Bar In Cork For Sale  6 Posts
Loafer's bar in Cork for sale, yours for €325, 000 with an adjoining house thro..
Last post on 18-4-2016 at 21:42 
Front Lounge Leasehold For Sale  4 Posts
" ...with a guide price of €750, 000 ... The current abated rent is €220, 000 pe..
Last post on 16-4-2016 at 08:17 
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