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Sexual Issues
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Sexual Issues : 546 Topics
Man Wants Castration  16 Posts friend is 57 and feels he has always wanted to be castrated but the desi..
Last post on 16-2-2017 at 09:46  [1]  [2] 
Do You Sleep In The Nude?    112 Posts
Just curious as to how many guys sleep starkers. I admit to having slept n..
Last post on 11-2-2017 at 01:28  [1]  [2] ... [7]  [8] 
Last post on 5-2-2017 at 17:12 
Gaydar - Cock Shots    87 Posts
so what do you think off gaydar see i dont get guys that put there profile pictu..
Last post on 4-2-2017 at 19:25  [1]  [2] ... [5]  [6] 
Wet Dreams  18 Posts
I had a bit of a wet dream this morning which was just a continuation of an ordi..
Last post on 2-2-2017 at 00:25  [1]  [2] 
No Results Back From GMHS Baggot Street  7 Posts
Hi all, I went for a full screen last Tuesday in GMHS Baggot Street and the cl..
Last post on 1-2-2017 at 19:04 
Thoughts On Prostate Massage  23 Posts
Anal wanking or prostrate message : anyone get it done, or does anyone have any..
Last post on 20-11-2016 at 18:54  [1]  [2] 
Nervous Beginner  6 Posts
Hi all! I've recently become really interested in trying someth..
Last post on 17-11-2016 at 20:24 
Who Would Like To Hear About The Crossdressing Affair I Had ...    9 Posts
Thoughts? Mod note : locked - feel free to post about your adventures in the cl..
Last post on 7-11-2016 at 11:57 
Bi .....  7 Posts
why do I fantasize about sucking dick when I adore pussy ?
Last post on 25-10-2016 at 23:35 
Erection Problems  11 Posts
I am a 63 year old male and for the past 6 months I have been unable to get or m..
Last post on 15-10-2016 at 14:50 
Anyone Know Of Any Cruising Areas For Day Time Fun    1 Post
Was just wondering if anyone knows of any good cruising areas for daytime fun ..
Last post on 16-9-2016 at 12:25 
Ashamed Of Being Gay    35 Posts
Having struggled with my sexuality for the last 45 years wavering between acc..
Last post on 26-8-2016 at 08:25  [1]  [2]  [3] 
Swingers Or Sex Party's    2 Posts
Any sex party's on or swingers nights north Dublin of Louth
Last post on 24-8-2016 at 22:08 
Are Poppers Dangerous?  5 Posts
anyone have any adverse effects from using poppers?
Last post on 14-8-2016 at 20:38 
Attempting To Improve My Dating Lifestyle, Really Need Lots ...  14 Posts
Sup, I am just writing this post, considering that I am stressed for a good whi..
Last post on 10-8-2016 at 09:37 
Limerick Sauna  9 Posts
Hi is there anyone been here what's it like ? Is it worth goin..
Last post on 19-7-2016 at 23:35 
Erotic Watersports  10 Posts
why does it appeal to me so much to want to perform orally on a..
Last post on 18-7-2016 at 20:51 
For Bisexual Men, Bi-curious Guys & Gay Men Who Value ...  3 Posts
We believe bisexual & bi-curious men and our friends do best wit..
Last post on 16-7-2016 at 16:28 
Spanking    46 Posts
Who else likes to be spanked?
Last post on 9-7-2016 at 13:54  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4] 
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