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Marrying Your Sister    30 Posts
My sister is dying from cancer, matter of weeks, we married because..
Last post on 9-3-2021 at 23:08  [1]  [2] 
Lgbtq+ Charity's  9 Posts
I've started to become extremely bored with lockdown and just from talking to my..
Last post on 9-3-2021 at 04:23 
New Channel 4 Drama - It’s A Sin  24 Posts
Really looking forward to watching the new 1980s LGBT drama Russell T. Davies’s ..
Last post on 8-3-2021 at 16:42  [1]  [2] 
I Had A Dream About A Clothes Swapping Swap Meet/Community.  7 Posts
Obviously this couldn't happen anytime soon due to covid but I enjoyed the thoug..
Last post on 7-3-2021 at 22:33 
Never Have I Ever...    33 Posts
Never have I ever... ... owned a car. Share things you've never done, which at..
Last post on 7-3-2021 at 15:40  [1]  [2]  [3] 
The Art Of Banksy    113 Posts
The last thread on the subject has been removed, boo! Banksy is painting the tow..
Last post on 6-3-2021 at 19:49  [1]  [2] ... [7]  [8] 
Have You Ever Taken Someone's V-card?  3 Posts
Have you been someone's first?
Last post on 6-3-2021 at 12:27 
Computer Help Thread V    507 Posts
If your password is "password" be sure to add this topic to your favourites.
Last post on 6-3-2021 at 12:19  [1]  [2] ... [33]  [34] 
President Trump / Oompa Loompa News    976 Posts
Never thought I'd be starting a topic about President Trump So the great ora..
Last post on 6-3-2021 at 00:01  [1]  [2] ... [65]  [66] 
Bad Joke Thread    172 Posts
How does Bob Marley like his doughnuts? With Jammin
Last post on 4-3-2021 at 22:10  [1]  [2] ... [11]  [12] 
Anybody Losing Their Enthusiasm For Dressing Up Lately  9 Posts
Got loads of new clothes but where can i go to show them off ha ha ..
Last post on 4-3-2021 at 04:07 
Mothers And Children's Homes: Are You Impacted?  7 Posts
Genocide, rape, child abuse, mercantile adoptions... Have you been a victim ..
Last post on 3-3-2021 at 23:55 
Can We Cope With Weather?      1498 Posts
Today Dublin airport closed for the second time in a week. The first time it cl..
Last post on 1-3-2021 at 18:24  [1]  [2] ... [99]  [100] 
Limits To Family Size  4 Posts
In view of the exploding world population (Also Irish population)Should we now s..
Last post on 27-2-2021 at 22:47 
Do You Have A Sister/Brother-in-low?  7 Posts
Do you have someone to talk to and comfort you when you are feeling low? Do you ..
Last post on 27-2-2021 at 11:48 
Youtube Gems    144 Posts
Last post on 25-2-2021 at 23:04  [1]  [2] ... [9]  [10] 
Star Wars: Are You Afraid Space Will Be Militarized?  2 Posts
Space has started to be militarized, like any human exploratory and technologic..
Last post on 24-2-2021 at 20:05 
Save The World, Ireland, Or Your Money?  5 Posts
Should we pour our saving into the restarting of the economy? Save as much as we..
Last post on 24-2-2021 at 18:47 
Pancake Tuesday    110 Posts
My sister is rustling some up now. I think they are best with lemon and sugar. ..
Last post on 24-2-2021 at 11:11  [1]  [2] ... [7]  [8] 
Massage For Bad Posture  8 Posts
I like a lot of people spend a lot of time in front of a computer which aint goo..
Last post on 24-2-2021 at 10:59 
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