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Skangers / Junkies / Scum Etc.
# 1 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 11:48
I just went to the bank machine at Tara street station and had to turn around and go else where, there was at least twenty men and women with sunken eyes and cheeks, teeth missing or rotting, paled skin, all in tracksuits with drawn inner city Dublin accents, a fair few of them pushing prams, smoking and a couple of pregnant women drinking cans of cider – at 10:20 on a Tuesday morning.
A couple of them were loudly harking on about running out of “gear” as the ignored a toddler who was edging closer and closer to a very busy quays, that was until one tiny frail woman dressed like a rapper (including huge gold chain and braids) spotted the child and hit it across the head pulling it back.
Now, is it just me or are these people multiplying at a huge rate? There everywhere in the city these days, much more than 10 years ago when I moved to Dublin. You can’t walk up the street with out some zombie looking ghost of a human asking for money or shouting abuse or sliding down a wall.
Usually I’m a very tolerant person and can’t abide racism or discrimination but I’m really beginning to see the tracksuit brigade as just sub-human. I feel disgusted every time I see one coming my way, eyes rolling in the back of their heads after shooting up then having the audacity to comment on and abuse everyone they encounter. How do you feel?
Should more be done to help them or are some people just a lost cause?

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# 2 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 11:52
i very rarely see it,but its sad all the same.i think some of them have gone to far to be helped no matter what you do.its the kids i would feel for more than anything.
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# 3 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 11:55
Well they do congregate around Tara Streeeeh station, Powdie. The junkies there remind me of the vampires in buffy the slayer. One stab to the chest and they'd implode in a cloud of 'done-smelling dust.

There's not much that can be done for these people. The done is bad for them. Causes more damage than the 'roin. It's administered to keep them quiet, rather than weaning them off.

Arrest all of them. Put the nippers into care.
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# 4 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 11:57
I totally agree. I've been in this town on and off for about eight years. In the last two years, the amount of heroin addicts walking the streets seems to have doubled or tripled. I think it might have something to do with the cocaine epidemic that took over the country for the last six or seven years and these souls ended up the casualties by moving onto the poisin they call heroin.

It might have something to do with the law. Didn't the courts recently decide that begging was no longer illegal. This may have brought more of them onto the street to support their habits. I was approached by two lads, who i presumed to be polish at the jervis luas stop last night asking for change. There's not one night that goes by that i'm not asked for change while i get my ticket.
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# 5 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:00
i dont get the fact that they are given methodone to stop them taking heroin,and then just left on it.it doesnt make sense.i know thats probably easy for me to say seeing as ive never taken heroin,thank god,but i know people who have been on methadone for years and it seems a bit pointless to me.
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# 6 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:00
You see them congregating around Merchants Quay / the Civic Offices too - coming out from the Merchant's Quay Drug Rehab project.

Sad to say - most of these guys lives are over. They'll each be dead in a few years - the tragedy is that their kids (and these are effectively kids having kids) are heading in the same direction too. The children need to be taken into care - tho not that the state's ineffectual and unfocussed child care authorities are capable of giving them much hope.
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# 7 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:02
The Red line Luas is a hot spot for them too. I'm sick of looking at them. The babies with the glassy eyes and pale skin is the most upsetting thing to see. I can't look at them. I really wanna knock the fucking heads off their parents. What a start to life, a heroin addiction.
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# 8 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:03
Someone said :

Should more be done to help them or are some people just a lost cause?

Something inside of me tells me that no human being should be a lost cause, or abandoned by their society as such.
However, who's job is it to help them?
For example, what help could you have provided today?
If you'd given money, if wouldn't have been enough. If you'd directed them to a social services office [Trinity Court is just around the corner from where you were] you would have been told to fuck off in no uncertain terms.
Arresting them all is not the answer as it will just put a huge strain on the Gardai as all those arrests have to be processed, video-taped, court-dated etc; and then 3 hours later they will be back out on the streets.
Something needs to be done for sure.
However I'm baffled as to what the solution may be.
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# 9 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:04
@sanchez - I hate getting Luas tickets at Abbey St. or Jervis, there is always men there begging, It was very very scary at night with feck all people around and two big lads asking "if you need help" pressing a button.
Twice on the way to work in the last two weeks I've seen this guy dealing in the open air on Abbey street, not a cop insight to even report it to. It's one of the reasons I'm leaving Dublin next year, there has been a few nights when I was going out I got abuse on the Luas or walking through town, I haven't been called a fag in years but in the last year or so it seems to be happening again. It never happens when I go out in London, manchester etc.
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# 10 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:07
skangers, junkies and scum are everywere you go. you`ll never escape them, they hunt you down and...exsist?
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# 11 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:08
That sounds like an awful B movie, LongJohn.
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# 12 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:09
Someone said :
skangers, junkies and scum are everywere you go. you`ll never escape them, they hunt you down and...exsist?

Seems that way in Dublin, I dont agree there every where though. certainly not in the same numbers as this city.
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# 13 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:10
I've been to Edinburgh a few times, which is supposed to have a massive heroin problem. Its certainly not as visible as here in Dublin. Maybe it's because many of our addicts live in the city centre, who knows..
They should all be rehoused in Longford.
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# 14 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:10
have to disagree. I've been going to school college and work in the north inner city for nearly 20 years now and the numbers of heroin addicts Seems to have dropped dramatically in the last 10 years. Outside Tara station is where a lot of junkies go to score so the picture there is a grim one. Economic prosperity did in fact lift a lot of at-risk young people from Lives of addiction. I note that a lot of the addicts I see around town aren't young. Which I take to mean that a. Needle exchange and methodone programmes are working and prolonging lives and b. That there are fewer young people becoming addicted
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# 15 : Tuesday 19-8-2008 @ 12:12
Someone said :

Something inside of me tells me that no human being should be a lost cause, or abandoned by their society as such.
However, who's job is it to help them?

I agree with you Cormo, its sad to think its ok to just give up on these people, now someone like Gary Glitter, I'd say he is a lost cause!
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