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Avoiding Online Fraud / Email Scams
# 46 : Monday 4-10-2010 @ 19:14
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# 47 : Monday 4-10-2010 @ 19:25
These attempted scams, believe it or not, are still going. Right now, I am advising friend ( foreign ) who has been sent bank draft for an amount far in excess of that for work he's agreed to do.He was then asked by email to send the surplus by Western Union to a British address. The draft is currently acting as a beer mat in his flat, guards have been notified.
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# 48 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 15:00
i just got a mail from 02 saying that there are texts going around apparently from them looking for acount details.they said to get rid of it straight away,dont respond and dont open any attatchments to it.
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# 49 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 15:20
Did the mail come with an attachment?
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# 50 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 15:27
no it was on the 02 flashed up when i logged in.
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# 51 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 15:36
I'm surprised we haven't seen a major iPhone virus at this stage - well apart from the ones on jailbroken devices.
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# 52 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 15:37
Someone said :
I'm surprised we haven't seen a major iPhone virus at this stage - well apart from the ones on jailbroken devices.

Jailbroken devices?
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# 53 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 15:38
Jailbroken - means when you hack your device so that you can bypass DRM, install unapproved applications, etc.
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# 54 : Thursday 27-1-2011 @ 15:39
Oh those devices yeah! Tell me more.

*Eyes glaze over*
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# 55 : Tuesday 15-2-2011 @ 22:02
This is coming from apparently Irish mobile numbers, it's a scam (obviously) - People receiving texts

"Nokia celebrated 40yrs. Your mobile number has won 900,000 pounds in the Nokia Awards. claimcode: EMAJN.claim your prize send email to"
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# 56 : Tuesday 15-2-2011 @ 22:13
Must be some eejits forwarding it on to everyone in their phonebook.
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# 57 : Tuesday 15-2-2011 @ 22:25
It's came from a few different Irish numbers apparently.
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# 58 : Wednesday 16-2-2011 @ 01:22
Would say its coming through Skype, Shaggy
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# 59 : Saturday 25-6-2011 @ 20:16
Just had an email about my bike, its on gumtree. I just came up with a random figure and he accepted it, near the asking price. Then he says he is from germany and send my details, so he can transfer money over through bank! Come on Like!
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# 60 : Saturday 25-6-2011 @ 21:10
One way to avoid being ensnared in these scams is to roll the mouse over the text-link to check what website address it is pointing to. If it's different from anything associated with the company it claims to be representing then you know it's a scam. I get these all the time from phoney bank-emails, such as fake Bank of Ireland emails warning you you need to re-enter your account details and pressuring you to click on a link that will take you to a submission form.
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