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Drugs, Guns And Murder In The Capital.
# 31 : Tuesday 21-10-2008 @ 23:33
Someone said :

I think a gun is handy for a police officer.

Police Officers do carry them. Just not the regular cops who havn't risen through the ranks.
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# 32 : Tuesday 21-10-2008 @ 23:37
if you represent justice and you have to enforce the law you need a gun. it is not your biggest asset but it's handy. I will not insist on this topic anymore since just half of my family works for the police (not the Irish police)
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# 33 : Tuesday 21-10-2008 @ 23:38
You can gentrify an area but the scum and their spawn remain,sherrifer was the arsehole of Satan years ago,you would need to join the suicide squad of the gardai to venture there,having said that,the swaggerence of one twat from clontarf at the scene of the stabbing of the shop raider in killester recently when his sense of self importance compelled him to be ignorant and downright threatening to an unenlightened delivery driver smacked of bounceresque behaviour of the most immature order,all in all though,I would not do either their work,or the work of prison officers for any money,I would if I thought I could make a change for the better,but with the lack of mentality and any sense of morals of this cabal of scummery(and yes,I know one answer is to float all boats and give everyone the opportunity to learn and earn},it would just be falling on crackhead ears,nothing has changed,except that now people seem more obsessed with themselves,me me me is the new mantra,and they will die and kill for the great god they have come to embrace,greed and money,the instant and shallow wank.
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# 34 : Tuesday 21-10-2008 @ 23:40
a very good point Butters a very good one
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# 35 : Tuesday 21-10-2008 @ 23:53
Someone said :
if you represent justice and you have to enforce the law you need a gun. it is not your biggest asset but it's handy. I will not insist on this topic anymore since just half of my family works for the police (not the Irish police)

Not necessarily. They prided themselves on being an unarmed force from the beginning. Here's a statement from the first police comissionor.
The Garda Síochána will succeed not by force of arms or numbers, but on their moral authority as servants of the people.

I hate repeating myself but if you look back in the thread there has been in my recent memory only one shootout and that was between them and Blanchardstown criminals in Cavan. The time before that they had a shootout with the free state army.

Here's the wiki article:
In December 1983, the IRA is alleged to have kidnapped supermarket executive Don Tidey in a bid to ransom him to raise money for the IRA. The kidnap was one of spate of kidnappings and robberies ordered by the IRA Army Council in the early 1980s to raise funds.[4] Tidey was taking his 13-year-old daughter to school when he stopped at what he believed to be a Gardaí (Republic of Ireland police) checkpoint. A gun was put to his head and he was bundled into a waiting car. A few days later his photograph was sent to Associated British Foods, and this was followed by a phone call demanding a IR£5 million ransom.[5]

The Gardaí eventually tracked Tidey and his kidnappers — four in all — to Derrada Wood in Ballinamore, County Leitrim on 16 December 1983. In the subsequent shoot-out, a trainee garda and an Irish Army soldier were killed. Tidey’s kidnappers escaped.

They killed each other. There is no point in handing idiots guns.
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# 36 : Wednesday 22-10-2008 @ 18:37
Gang victim shot in face

A man was shot in the face today in Dublin’s latest gangland attack.

The man, named locally as Joe Delaney, was gunned down this morning.

The attack at Russell Rise is the second gangland attack in just over 48 hours in the capital.

The 27-year-old victim was rushed to Tallaght Hospital where medics battled to save him.

A huge number of gardai converged on the area shortly after the 6.30am attack near Fortunestown Way.

The victim was shot at point blank range through a pane of glass in the front door of the apartment.

Neighbours reported hearing two shots and investigators confirmed the man was hit at least once in the face.

Paramedics treated the injured man at the scene for a short time before he was rushed to hospital in a critical condition.

It is thought he had spent the night at the address with his girlfriend.

There was a large garda presence at the scene this morning as investigations attempted to piece together a motive for the attack.

Teams of gardai searched the immediate area and cordoned-off the scene pending a full forensic examination.

At least a dozen uniformed officers, along with plain clothes detectives, were engaged in the immediate investigation and searches.

They used torches to search under the parked cars outside the apartments, as well as details searches of the roadway, footpaths and grass margins in the area.

Residents on their way to work were also questioned by detectives and door to door enquiries had commenced before 9am.

It appears that the gunman approached the three-storey apartment and knocked on the door before firing through the glass with a shotgun.

One resident described hearing two loud bangs followed by a woman screaming.

“When I looked out there were people all over the road running to where it happened,” said the witness.

“They were shouting up to an apartment saying ‘throw down the key, throw down the key',” she added.

The witness said that shortly afterwards an ambulance was at the scene and the injured man was taken away.

“We just heard these shots, they were very loud. Two of them,” one local said.

Another resident added: “I'm in shock to be honest. I just opened my front door and I saw all the gardai. I didn't hear anything at all.”

Meanwhile, gardai have recovered a handgun they believe was used in the murder of Gavin McCarthy in Dublin's inner city on Sunday night.

The weapon was found in Beaver Street, near the scene of the shooting.

It is being examined by garda ballistic experts as detectives continued the hunt for a teenage killer.

McCarthy was shot repeatedly in the face by a male, thought to be as young as 17, who cycled past him in the north inner city.
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# 37 : Wednesday 22-10-2008 @ 22:53
How Filthy Fifty fell under an old gypsy's death curse

How murder, suicide and sudden deaths destroyed Dublin’s most feared gang in a matter of years.

WAS IT really a tinker's curse that ended the violent antics of a gang dubbed the 'Filthy Fifty' who terrorised entire communities for over two decades?

The gang was dismantled in a series of murders, suicides and sudden deaths -- events that many attribute to a gypsy curse placed on the heads of the young criminals.

In his new book, Crime Wars, Paul Williams looks at the origin of the gang, their crimes and the superstitious curse, which was first revealed in the pages of the Herald.

Finglas criminals Declan Curran, John Daly and Anthony 'Anto' Spratt were the three central players in the Filthy Fifty who challenged the infamous Westies. Not only did they challenge the Blanchardstown gang, but they matched them in the violence stakes.

The gang were closely aligned to Marlo Hyland and the trio were regularly used on jobs and for drug dealing and extra muscle.


In 2003, a local gypsy woman was allegedly approached by the mother of one of the Filthy Fifty's victims, who asked her to put a hex on the gang.

According to the hex, 12 gang members would be dead within three years because of the 'Cappagh Curse'.

Whether the gypsy spell was believed by the gang, they appeared to have had a disproportionate amount of bad luck in the years that followed.

Just as the curse had promised, 12 members of the gang were dead by 2006 and many had died in strange circumstances. Four members were shot dead. The others were victims of suicide and sudden death -- it was suggested that crime boss Marlo Hyland himself had fallen foul of the 'curse' when he was murdered in 2006.

Daly, Curran and Spratt grew up together in Finglas in the 1980s and early 1990s. In the early years of this decade, the area around Cappagh Cross, Rathoath Road and Cardiffsbridge in Finglas had been dubbed the 'Murder Triangle'.

Gardai attached to that division describe the serious crime wave between 2003 and 2007 as the worst in history.

Blanchardstown, Finglas and Cabra saw 19 murders in those four years.

The violence was so severe that it became the first area in Dublin that was routinely patrolled by the Emergency Response Unit with machine guns and rifles.

The so-called Filthy Fifty had grown from car thieves and petty criminals to become serious players, and their ruthlessness meant they were feared by both rival gangs and the local community.

Described by one source in Crime Wars as "pure evil", the gang had made a name for themselves for all the wrong reasons.

However, Declan Curran's violent lifestyle caught up with him in June 1999 when he was shot. He lost a kidney in the attack and he was forced to use a colostomy bag but the incident didn't hinder his criminal ways.

Together, Daly, Curran and Spratt waged a war of terror on the streets of Finglas. They assaulted gardai, terrorised residents and muscled in on other gang patches.

They also formed dangerous allegiances with other gangs around the county and used their time in jail to bond with other criminals.

The gypsy curse apparently kicked in in earnest -- Declan Curran was arrested for armed robbery on 11 November 2004, the next day he died in his sleep in custody in Cloverhill Prison. It was later reported that he died of a drug-related heart attack.

Later that month, a co-accused in the robbery, which Curran had been arrested for, was shot dead in his bed in Finglas.

On 5 March 2005, Anthony Spratt hanged himself in his prison cell in Mountjoy jail. He was 31 years of age.

Two more suicides in the months that followed added to the gang's death toll, giving credence to the so-called gypsy 'curse.'


John Daly was released from prison on 14 August 2007, three months after his infamous mobile phone call to Livelive's Joe Duffy from inside his cell.

He was warned that there was a hit out on him, but he reportedly laughed it off. On 22 October last year, Daly became the final member of the 'Filthy Fifty' trio to die. He was shot five times as he sat in the front seat of a taxi near his mother's home in Finglas.

The innocent taxi driver still hasn't returned to work following the trauma of that evening.

In his book, Williams details the gang's many violent crimes, the murder and intimidation of their own community, and wonders, like many others, if the curse has now been lifted or even if there are more gang related deaths to follow?
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# 38 : Wednesday 22-10-2008 @ 22:59
More will follow,the curse of the crone has not gone away ye know,ahahahahaha,Howlll,aoooo,aoooo.
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# 39 : Wednesday 22-10-2008 @ 23:04
Someone said :
More will follow,the curse of the crone has not gone away ye know,ahahahahaha,Howlll,aoooo,aoooo.

I can just imagine you with your tarot cards Butters, sitting in Basin St flats with a turban around yer head charging fifty blips a head.
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# 40 : Thursday 23-10-2008 @ 08:38
Gardaí to be issued with pepper spray

Gardaí are to be issued with pepper spray canisters to enable them to deal with the increasing number of attacks on unarmed officers.

Minister for Justice Dermot Ahern is to announce that the Government has sanctioned the supply of the less-than-lethal weapon to all uniformed and unarmed Gardaí.

The decision was taken following approval by the Garda Commissioner Fachtna Murphy.

It was originally recommended by the Garda Inspectorate Kathleen O'Toole following her consideration of the Barr Tribunal Report.

There has long been concern about the safety of unarmed uniformed gardaí who are usually first to respond to violent or critical incidents.

The number of attacks on unarmed gardaí doubled between 2005 and 2007 and Kathleen O'Toole recommended they be supplied with pepper spray.

The Garda Commissioner agreed and the Minister for Justice has sanctioned the measure following Cabinet approval.

He is due to announce today that all unarmed gardaí will, as soon as possible, be issued with the aerosol-type can that will spray a liquid containing chilli-pepper.

The cost of the measure is estimated at around a €250,000 and will come from the garda budget.
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# 41 : Thursday 23-10-2008 @ 13:25
Freddie's high speed garda chase

GARDAI arrested gang boss ‘Fat' Freddie Thompson following a high speed car chase in Dublin this week.

Alert officers engaged Thompson in the chase after he tried to evade a checkpoint in the city.

Despite the gang boss driving a high powered VW Golf GTi, the uniformed gardai from Tallaght brought Freddie’s car to a stop.

The revelation came as gardai believe Thompson reported his life as being under threat at the weekend simply to test their response times.

Thompson rang in to claim that three men were about to shoot him.

Within minutes gardai had the men in custody – now it appears it was all a prank to see how fast officers were on the scene.

After the chase on Monday night meanwhile, Thompson was taken from the car and brought back to Tallaght station where he underwent a drugs search.

Officers also seized the performance car on suspicion it was not insured.

“Freddie was in the passenger seat with a young lieutenant when they were spotted veering away from a checkpoint in Brookfield in a silver GTi,” said a source.

“The officers on the checkpoint spotted the manoeuvre and took off after them.

“Freddie led them back towards Crumlin but the officers in the patrol car brought them to a halt pretty sharp,” the source added.

When gardai approached the car they saw ‘Fat’ Freddie sitting in the passenger seat and a known associate in the driver’s seat.

Both were arrested at the scene and brought to Tallaght Garda Station where they were searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

They were later released without charge. But their prized set of wheels was not so lucky.

The VW Golf they were travelling in was seized by gardai under Section 41 of the Road Traffic Act because the driver had no insurance – leaving Freddie and his pal to make their own way home.
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# 42 : Thursday 23-10-2008 @ 23:42
When fat Freddie finally falls in a fatal fallout with former friends turned fiends,the Herald,after a respectable interval, will move Freddie's adventures from its now semi permanent front page location to a permanent home in the cartoon section beside Hagar the horrible and Felix the Cat or some other such twat.
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# 43 : Friday 24-10-2008 @ 00:03
The evening herald is an absolute rag.
Scumbag suspected crime lords shouldn't need to be talked about in newspapers.
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# 44 : Friday 24-10-2008 @ 00:04
I bame metal rock: they make guns out of the melted metal.
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# 45 : Friday 24-10-2008 @ 00:05
Someone said :
I bame metal rock: they make guns out of the melted metal.

But what do they do with the leftover rocks?

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