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New Years Plans.
# 1 : Thursday 11-12-2008 @ 20:28
so another year is almost over and a new one will soon begin.

so what will you be doing this year for new years eve? how will you be seeing in 2009 ?
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# 2 : Thursday 11-12-2008 @ 20:45
Probably watching a movie or the television.
The usuall.
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# 3 : Thursday 11-12-2008 @ 20:46
Yeah, New Years sucks. I don't understand the hype at all.

I'll probably be losing a game of Monopoly...
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# 4 : Thursday 11-12-2008 @ 20:48
i know lads i hate it.so much pressure over one f**king night and what everyones doing.

i prefer christmas to be honest.

ny can be a let down.
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# 5 : Thursday 11-12-2008 @ 21:03
With himself. Watching a DVD i'm guessing.
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# 6 : Thursday 11-12-2008 @ 21:09
ill be out dancing me little socks off, love new years night, head 2 a party afterwards and the rest as they say will be history
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# 7 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 19:42
i'll prob be all on my lonesome depends on work, i might guilt my sis into coming to visit me and go for a pint
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# 8 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 19:44
I'll be putting the final touched to my huge binge before I begin 2009, where my New Years Resolution is to start my eating disorder.
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# 9 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 19:56
Oh, I have an eating disorder too: I’m semi-bulimic: I binge eat, I stuff myself full of everything around me. And then I go to bed. I hope to master the other bit - extensive vomiting in the New Year. My doctor says that with the right will power I can become fully bulimic some day soon. Here’s hoping.
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# 10 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 20:01
I puked myself a few times in the past. Only because I ate too much and was gonna vomit it all up anyway...I was just accelerating the process.

And seriously, New Years has been the same in my family for the past 3 or so years. Monopoly, countdown, back to Monopoly, bedtime...
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# 11 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 20:13
I'll be out wrecking it up at some deadly houseparty

*Fingers Crossed*
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# 12 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 20:16
Oh I will be giving up smoking
as i have been doing for the last 10 years
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# 13 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 20:17
Someone said :
I'll be out wrecking it up at some deadly houseparty

*Fingers Crossed*

*cut to Shaggy alone on New Years, lying on his bed, listening to "All By Myself".

I jest, I jest...
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# 14 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 20:24
Someone said :

*cut to Shaggy alone on New Years, lying on his bed, listening to "All By Myself".

I jest, I jest...

*cuts to Stewie realising his monopoly board has been stolen*

Anyway I won't be anywhere near my bed. I'll be in Galway but since nothing in happening there it may be a hotel bed.
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# 15 : Friday 12-12-2008 @ 20:32
I love new years. I should be warming my new house by then. You're all invited (well all 3 of you i actually like)
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