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Dancing On Ice 2009
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# 1 : Sunday 14-12-2008 @ 23:25
The new series is starting in January, and stars apparently appearing include: Emmerdale star Roxanne Pallett, 25; Hollyoaks babe Jennifer Metcalfe, 24; model and presenter Melinda Messenger, 37; Eastenders actress Gemma Bissix, 25; former Blue Peter presenter Zoe Salmon, 28; Liberty X singer Jessica Taylor, 28, EastEnders actor Todd Carty, 45; soccer pundit Graeme Le Saux, 40; Holby City heart-throb Jeremy Edwards 37; X Factor runner-up Ray Quinn, 20; Toploader guitarist Dan Hipgrave, 33; and kids' TV presenter Michael Underwood, 33, who was in last year's show but had to pull out after a he suffered a broken ankle.

The series will be preceeded by a special next Saturday.
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# 2 : Sunday 14-12-2008 @ 23:27
I thought Gemma was replacing Jennifer?

Either way they would both be deadly.
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# 3 : Sunday 14-12-2008 @ 23:29
its probably my favourite show out of all the celeb shows and in my opinion the hardest for them.

its on at a great time of year too,january when its cold and wintery and you are stoney broke.lol
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# 4 : Sunday 14-12-2008 @ 23:30
Yeah I love it.

Jeremy Edwards is pretty fine too. Can't believe he is 37 now!
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# 5 : Sunday 14-12-2008 @ 23:30
cant wait for this to come on. was just mentioning it today in the xfactor thread. It will help with the xfactor withdrawl!
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# 6 : Sunday 14-12-2008 @ 23:31
Someone said :
Yeah I love it.

Jeremy Edwards is pretty fine too. Can't believe he is 37 now!

i know whats up with rachel stevens for giving up a ride like that? !
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# 7 : Sunday 14-12-2008 @ 23:33
I had heard that there was supposed to be a rugby player as well Ellery something, so I don't know if the list I posted is just tabloid guesswork.

I will put up a poll after the first official photo of them all in their sparkly outfits.
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# 8 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 00:06
i love dancing on ice. i dont know how nobody has killed themselves yet.its one of the hardest reality shows in that respect.im looking forward to it coming back again.
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# 9 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 20:28
Can't believe it is Dancing on Ice time again. Looking forward to it all. I love dancing on ice, particularly towards the end when all the good ones are left and they try to out do each other.
The special this week should be a good way to start it off. I reckon the girls will be better than the boys.
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# 10 : Thursday 25-12-2008 @ 20:04
Christmas Dancing On Ice is on ITV now!
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# 11 : Thursday 25-12-2008 @ 20:37
Loving the special! Duncans routine was a bit 'safe' compared to Claire's.
Even if the male celeb talent is all that hot this year, this show has reminded me that the male professionals are hot enough... hmmm... Pavel/Jack...
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# 12 : Thursday 25-12-2008 @ 20:56
Ahem... did I say Jack... i mean Fred, he just reminds me of Jack from Home and Away. Anyway, Kierans was very good, really professional and well Zarrah was just so pretty on the ice she just floated around it like a little fairy
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# 13 : Thursday 25-12-2008 @ 21:36
So the girls won, well done girls. I think it was Suzanne's performance that won them over. You'd know she has that stage experience as she put on quite a show.
I'm soo over Chris 'Show-off, but can't really do it properly' Fountain and his half arsed axels, think it ruined the boys chances of winning.

Bring on Jan 11th and the return of the series!
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# 14 : Thursday 25-12-2008 @ 21:54
Suzanne Shaw was brilliant Such a good skater.

Never liked Chris - Even in Hollyoaks he struggles to have a point!
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# 15 : Thursday 25-12-2008 @ 22:39
it was a good show.a reminder its coming back soon.roll on 11jan

suzanne was fab and deserved top marks.

i like chris fountain hes just sooooo sexy a cocky git though.
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