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Murder In Howth
# 1 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 14:34

Looks like a mother has been killed during a violent robbery in Howth, this morning. This is really horrible. I hope to god they get whoever is responsible and make an example of them.

I stand by all I've said about the death penalty being wrong, and that everyone who does any crime has to be made aware, and responsible for the consequences. For the rest of their lives if necessary.

Fucking scum.
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# 2 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 14:59
Was it a robbery? Didn't hear anything of that. I won't throw it out yet at the husband!

A 20yr old was also murdered in a fight in Galway.
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# 3 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 16:14
I think this is what Zoz was referring to.

From www.irishtimes.ie

Woman dies after suspected attack in Howth house

A woman has died after a suspected attack in a house in Howth, north Co Dublin. The woman, who was in her 40s, was discovered with serious injuries in the house on Windgate Road shortly before 10am.

She was taken to Beaumont Hospital where she was pronounced dead shorly afterwards.

It is understood the body was found by gardaí responding to reports of a robbery.

The house and the road have been sealed off pending a Garda forensic examination.

The State Pathologist has also been requested to carry out an examination of the scene.

Gardaí, who have appealed for witnesses, are conducting house-to-house enquiries.

The detached bungalow is located in an upmarket area of the Hill of Howth.

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# 4 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 16:18
Joe, The Naul is still in prison?
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# 5 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 16:20
oh God I so hope it wasn't a domestic murder...

Poor woman..
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# 6 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 16:21
What a horrible death but the stats show that these acts are carried out by someone known to the victim
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# 7 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 20:56
I know her brother quite well. The family must be absolutely devastated. Very sad, whatever happened.
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# 8 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 20:58
@clyde - that's what they assumed when my Aunt's partner was murdered in front of her, and that's why, in my humble opinion, didn't do a good investigation in that case and there has been no arrest. But having said that, I wouldn't do the work of the police here for love or money.
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# 9 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 21:02
She was a former model I think!
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# 10 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 21:18
Someone said :
She was a former model I think!

Heard she was a director of a media company, and her husband work as a producer there as well, I think it's horrible this happening, as was the death in Galway with the 20 year old man being stabbed, Have they got any confirmation about the guy who, was witness rushing away from the area?
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# 11 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 21:24
another day another horrible death when da fuck will it all end
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# 12 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 21:28
Someone said :
another day another horrible death when da fuck will it all end

never. which is why im surprised people still get surprised these things happen. infact worse happens that we dont hear about.

all these things happen in the world and we all stop for one individual person. dont get me wrong, i feel sorry for the woman myself but at the end of the day id feel more sorry for people suffering in africa, dying over hours and hours from starvation and stuff then someone who was shot, stabed or watever happened.

sorry if anyone gets offended by this post but thats the way the world is. you see it everyday onthe news and in the papers.
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# 13 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 21:35
@the_dude - every person is as important as the next. Every child that is dying of malnutrition is as important as Mozart, and as important as a lady who was killed in Howth.
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# 14 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 21:39
From the News at 9, it looks like a robbery gone wrong - the murdered lady possibly confronted the robber with tragic results. It's looking less and less like a planned murder masquerading as a robbery attack.

Remember the middle aged woman who was murdered in Malahide in the 90s? Did the gardai catch anyone for that after her husband was cleared?
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# 15 : Monday 15-12-2008 @ 21:56
zozimus, i know and understand this. i just find it amazing that people can be so "oh my god" about this kind of thing wen its a very mild type of violence compared to most parts of the world. yes ok it is a bit more shocking wen its closer to home but if we are so concerned with stopping this kind of thing, wouldnt it be better to start somewhere that we actually can mke a difference?

the crime rate in this country is normal. normal in the sense that its not going on at a ridiculous rate. think of the ammount of people who are poor,drug addicts and people who are just out and out criminals. compared to all of them, there isnt actually that much crime considering the numbers.

im sorry, im not saying we shouldnt care or stop for this kind of thing. i just think we should be more open minded about it all and get real about it instead of wat we are doing and saying things like "the government needs to crack down on this kind of thing" wen they do nearly everything they can but they`ll never stop people wanting to, attempting to or going and doing these things unless they take every cent in the country and give everyone an equal amount. but can you see that happening? or can anyone think of another reason or way to stop people wantng to rob places/things? a way thats realistic obviously.
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