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Quality Clips Found On Youtube
# 1 : Monday 22-12-2008 @ 22:32
I was looking for a thread on quality youtube clips.

Couldn't find any, they were either funnies, cools or alternatives, so forgive me if there is one already.

Here is one I really liked and wanted to show it to you here.


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# 2 : Monday 22-12-2008 @ 22:34
Video is no longer available.
What do you mean by 'quality' ?

*edit - link works but not embeded video
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# 3 : Monday 22-12-2008 @ 22:37
saw it just now... maybe it's my error.

What I mean by quality clips... clips that are thought-provoking, meaningful, documentary-style, for instance the clip is on drug addicts in afghanistan.

hardly cool.
definitely not funny
definitely not an ad.

know what i am talking about here? newsy, something that you would expect from a quality production.
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# 4 : Saturday 3-1-2009 @ 20:50
interesting clips...

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# 5 : Saturday 3-1-2009 @ 20:52
What are they?
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# 6 : Saturday 3-1-2009 @ 20:57
two parts of an interview of a man who worked for 12 years with the British navy, he was thrown out for being gay. according to the title, it is a 3 parter, but i could only find two parts.
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# 7 : Saturday 10-1-2009 @ 13:52
Women in Iran are tackled for not dressing appropriately

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# 8 : Saturday 10-1-2009 @ 13:58
A very interesting interview with an Saudi executioner.

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# 9 : Saturday 10-1-2009 @ 15:56
Deaf motorcylist goes around the world on his trusty motorbike. The three parts are subtitled. his website is www.yarets.com

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Enjoy! I know I did!
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# 10 : Saturday 10-1-2009 @ 19:52
I was going to put this film in another thread, but I decided to put it here. (It's a documentary posted on youtube that's 91 minutes long.)

the name of this documentary is "crazy love".

The blurb on You tube is as follows:
From the late '50s through the '70s, New York tabloids fed on the lurid and bizarre tale of lawyer/stalker Burt Pugash and his obsession with Linda Riss, a young working-class woman whose life was forever changed by a shocking act of violence. Noted publicist and documentarian Dan Klores tells this morbidly fascinating story with its many twists and surprises. Featuring interviews with Pugach, Riss and veteran New York journalists. Winner of the Best Documentary Independent Spirit Award. "Like a noir-thriller" - Los Angeles Times.

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# 11 : Monday 12-1-2009 @ 00:14
The Kiss .....

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# 12 : Saturday 17-1-2009 @ 17:31

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# 13 : Saturday 17-1-2009 @ 17:33
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# 14 : Tuesday 27-1-2009 @ 00:26
Fashionable Bulletproof clothing...

Part one

Part two
NOT on youtube, but separate... http://www.vbs.tv/video.php?id=1125900164

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# 15 : Tuesday 27-1-2009 @ 00:57
Good on you Intrepid,just watched your posts,thanks for reminding me what utter arseholes and vile retarded cretins they are in Iran and Saudi,the religious fascists that is,god help the normal people in those suffocating sanitoria.
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