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If You Could Be Fluent In One Language?
# 1 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:11
... what language would you pick and why?

I dunno why, but for me French comes to mind. I've been studying it for 4 and a half years and it is just not getting through, and it's annoying because I really love the language. French people talk so rapidly and beautifully, I just wish that I could too. Plus, I'd probably move to France if I was fluent...

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# 2 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:17
Japanese I love manga and anime so reading and watching them would be so much better and I would love to go there also.
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# 3 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:19
Swedish without a doubt!
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# 4 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:20
Should I make a poll? Or would that take me all day?
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# 5 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:23
er ya! you do that!
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# 6 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:24
spanish if i had to choose one i would love to be fluent in i think its a lovely language,or german as i have some good mates there,have been loads and speak very little of it
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# 7 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:31
Someone said :
er ya! you do that!

Nah...there's way too many. I was joking.
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# 8 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:38
Well, as I'm not great at languages, probably Malay which has no tenses and easy to pronounce. Probably not that useful in the global economy though it would get me by when travelling in Malaysia and Indonesia.....or just impress the Malays livings in Ireland.
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# 9 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:47
If I was a cunning linguist i'd love to get my tongue around French and German,Irish too,wish it was easier to learn a language,wish I didn't have A D D.
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# 10 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:54
Someone said :
Japanese I love manga and anime so reading and watching them would be so much better and I would love to go there also.

Japanese would also be the language I would wish to be fluent in. It is really annoying waiting for anime to be dubbed/subbed so that I can understand it, so being fluent would be so much handier
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# 11 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 19:56
Spanish, without a doubt!

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# 12 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 20:02
Oh and if I were going out with a guy who happens to be hearing impaired - sign language definitely.
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# 13 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 20:03
Would have to be German for me. I'm studying it for seven years now and the grammar still bugs me. I'd like to have a basic enough understanding of Irish, but have most of it forgetten by now anyway. It's the same with sign language. Got an A grade in beginners sign 2 years ago but lost near enough all of it because I've rarely used it.
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# 14 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 20:19
I do like French - Forget it now but I was kinda fluent once.

At one point I remember starting to think / dream in French.

But right now...

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# 15 : Tuesday 23-12-2008 @ 20:24
I guess English, would help, but if it was a language I would enjoy learning it would be Irish.
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