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Serious And Likeminded
# 1 : Sunday 29-9-2002 @ 11:41
Hi! am I right or is it just me. Is it becoming more difficult to me someone to form some sort of relationship with or friendship. I have tried endlessly to me some one with a view to what I have just mentioned. All people seem to be interested is sex,sex. The very mention of something more serious has then running. Surely, there is more to forming a relationship than sex. Has anyone experienced what I am talking about. Cheers!
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# 2 : Thursday 3-10-2002 @ 06:57
well they do exist - but generally are off scene.

I had the same probelm so tried the internet - met some nice guys - but also met the freaks.

Generally there type of guys tend to be over 30 and most out there think that that is past it.

Why not try some social intercation like motuntain climbling (is there not one in dublin?) or social group?

best get to bed

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# 3 : Friday 25-10-2002 @ 22:35
Just turned 30 and I noted your comment about being past it. Hell I've been dealing with this issue (meeting, commitment after time etc.) for the past three years and people just tend to see short termism - not my cuppa tea. Anyways, you're right there is a thing about being 30 in most people's mind - and the thrity something and over seem to be fixated on the twenties!! Is there no justice??? Still, have to say, I'm glad I'm thirty - I'm sorted sane and lived through the uncertainty of my twenties - and whether there is someone by my side or not - I'm happy with who I've developed into.
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# 4 : Saturday 26-10-2002 @ 13:28
is your friendship requisite limited to gay guys?if it is the message that may be coming across is laden with double meaning viz. the guys wanting sex all the time.Friendship is unfettered by either sexuality or gender.I think that the majority of guys growing up(due to educational circumstances)will have same sex friends, most of whom will be straight. Therefore, if you go LOOKING specifically for other gay guys on the web, the assumption (mistakenly)is that you are only out for sex as 'friends'are something pre-extant and taken for granted.Try re-wording your search and looking in the 'right' places eg.you won't find many 'friends' at 2:30 AM in the George, but you will sooner or later in the course of a balanced lifestyle (sports-clubs, organisations,similar interest groups or if you're really lucky, at work or a 'friend-of-a-friend'type scenario.All that said,I being female and of the Sapphic species, humbly offer you my friendship.
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# 5 : Saturday 26-10-2002 @ 17:10

agreed with you about the scenes. i'm 34y and still single. u know sex is not everything, sex is a small factor. Friendship is for life.
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# 6 : Thursday 3-10-2002 @ 12:38

hear hear! Also am glad to have develpoed into the person I am now.

I'm only 32 now, but the last 2 years of my life have changed me forever!

I have a lot to offer and give!

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# 7 : Friday 15-11-2002 @ 10:58
How can you say that pubs and clubs are just full of flakes? Pubs and clubs are a huge part of Irish culture. Irish people from every walk of life and background frequent pubs. So it is a gross generalisation to say that they are full of flakes. But I would agree that they are not the best place to meet a potential partner, maybe due to the fact that their atmosphere is not conducive to this.
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# 8 : Sunday 3-11-2002 @ 19:10
any more of us - serious, genuine guys around?

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# 9 : Thursday 28-11-2002 @ 20:08
hi Kevin

I am a great beliver in you won't find love/relationship if you are out looking to hard for it. I find trying not to worry about it and going out and having a good time with friends will be better in the long run. Guys get to see you having fun/similing and realise your a nice sorted guy and that will attract a better sort of guy to you.

to put it another way who is more attractive the guy wandering around the George with a desperate look on his face which says he wants somone/anyone to spend some time with, or the guy you see about the place who seams relaxed and chilled and enjoying himself.

When you stop looking so hard you may find love comes to you.

well thats my experience anyhow


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# 10 : Friday 29-11-2002 @ 01:04

I have met my three boyfriends off the net, at least on here and when you start sending emails then text then call then meet up, you both know a lot about eachother and what you both want...

do you know what i mean?

I have made it clear to each guy what kinda guy i was interested at that time and what kind of relationship i have been looking for...so yeah there are guys out there (like me)

Take care

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# 11 : Friday 29-11-2002 @ 01:22
are u still on line?
me waiting....
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# 12 : Sunday 3-11-2002 @ 07:29
pearloftheorient - i'm here

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# 13 : Friday 29-11-2002 @ 19:15
Im more into finding a soulmate..a friend who you just know you will be with for the long term and it doesnt have to be said. Saying that I have had some success from being online...its not too bad as long as your careful to filter out things.

I just wanna be happy...as we all do I presume.

Also..why is everyone from Dublin? Lets have some of the genuine, down to earth cool guys move down to Kildare.
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# 14 : Friday 29-11-2002 @ 21:26
Hi guys. Thanks for the advice and comments all have being very welcome. I suppose I have trying to hard and who knows maybe the special guy passes me everyday in the street but I do not notice him. And it also good to know that I am not on my own....
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# 15 : Friday 29-11-2002 @ 21:29
Just keep looking and keep your heart and mind open, the rest, apparently should just happen. I hope so as well...for all of us in that queue.
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