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Spanking Fans
# 1 : Friday 25-10-2002 @ 07:50
There must be spanking fans in Ireland both female and male but it seems very difficult to get in contact so if you are interested then get posting.
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# 2 : Tuesday 29-10-2002 @ 23:34
I am a late 40s guy in Dublin always fascinated by spanking and am very interested in hearing from guys 30ish and under who have similar interests either give or take! Have some implements too!
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# 3 : Wednesday 4-12-2002 @ 13:39
Hi - i'm a guy who likes to be spanked by another guy. What's your interest?
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# 4 : Wednesday 4-12-2002 @ 18:10
Hi i am 33 ma cd into receiving spanking in school role. I like to cross dress as a school girl. I have met a few guys but the difficulty always seems to be accomodation and finding someone really into good roleplay.

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# 5 : Saturday 7-12-2002 @ 15:28

check out and also BDSM-Ireland have a yahoo group
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# 6 : Thursday 2-1-2003 @ 22:12
Anyone know of any farmers in tall wellies or equestrian men in jodpurs and tall riding boots whod use a cat on me while I lick the boots? I like the rugged dominant rugged type, no effem dressing up for my men! Please help ...I'm itching for some orders!
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# 7 : Wednesday 17-12-2003 @ 21:53
hi only just seen your message very strict headmaster here you would have to wear full uniform and correct panties for very sore bottom if your interested email me let me know what u like hand or cane or anything else and good time to meet
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# 8 : Wednesday 17-12-2003 @ 23:34
i am a 44 year old male and i love to give and take a bare hand bare bottom spanking dublin
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# 9 : Thursday 18-12-2003 @ 06:34
I'm happy for you!

Now take it to the classified ads section!

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# 10 : Thursday 18-12-2003 @ 14:27
is there a connection between high pressure jobs and spanking??
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# 11 : Tuesday 23-12-2003 @ 14:45

I love to be spanked. I also give.
Do you wear the complete schoolgirl uniform? Knickers, bra, knee socks, skirt, blouse, jumper, blazer, gabardine and wellies?

I know I would provide you with a sound spanking and would make you also put on a plastic mac and wellies.

How would you fancy that?

Master M.
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# 12 : Tuesday 23-12-2003 @ 16:52
jim you want someone who will use a cat on you ????? my mind is conjuring strange pictures here !!!??
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# 13 : Tuesday 23-12-2003 @ 16:57
I dont think he means the sort of cat you are thinking of dermid.

A cat-o-nine-tails is a type of whip.
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# 14 : Tuesday 23-12-2003 @ 17:01
i know ronan , i just prefer to think its ultra kinky instead hehe !! can you imagine jim licking boots and a cat clawing his back , puss n boots hehe !!
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# 15 : Tuesday 23-12-2003 @ 17:10

Well, obviously if it was part of a BDSM scene one would hope that the cat would get into the spirit of things by scratching and scrawbing plenty!

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