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Cruising Spots
# 1 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 15:23
As I'm put off by the whole idea of the boilerhouse, does anyone know of any decent cruising spots in Dublin?
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# 2 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 16:17
Its not exactly the best time of the year for cruising - brass monkey weather and all that but anyway.. you might try the following spots:
Palmerstown Park 5-7pm
Seapoint bathing area 7-10pm
Dollymount strand weekends and evenings and Phoenix Park near the Glenmaroon Gate (summer time) and the Cricket grounds (year round) evenings. Decent--well thats a matter of opinion, but worth a look.
Good luck
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# 3 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 17:15
right, cheers Paddy, see you there.
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# 4 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 17:46
Stephens Green - all day
Tallaght Shopping Centr - top level toilets sat eve

Good Luck - watch out for the security gard with the bad spotty problem... he's a wee sneak
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# 5 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 18:22
so THAT'S where LOVE has been hiding...in the toilets in Stephen's Green centre.We should tell Bob.
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# 6 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 18:45
No Sidh, this isn't where you'll find love, but it is where you can indulge in an adrenaline rush and get your end away...if that is what you are looking for. Its a dick thing.
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# 7 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:03
Its more than a dick thing, its €20.00 a shot, heheheh
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# 8 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:06
Jesus, why would you pay for it. In that case you might as well go to the Boilerhouse, its cheaper (and warmer)
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# 9 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:08
Darling Paddy,

I dont pay, the silly cows pay me....

Im just a cheap whore

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# 10 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:21

Another place to consider is the Powerscourt Townhouse centre
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# 11 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:21
Thanking you for your honesty
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# 12 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:24
Come on you don't expect me to believe you do you?
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# 13 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:27
Oh, dear....

Still in the pink bubble are we ?
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# 14 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:37
I'm not in any bubble, if you are telling me that you are actually a whore as in prostitute (male/female) as distinct from a candied queen who likes to think 'shes bad' 'cos she gets her end away wiff so many boyzz' so be it. Mind you I'll have to go back and scrutinise your earlier posts if that is the case...hmm. So which is it dearest DD?

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# 15 : Thursday 5-12-2002 @ 19:40
At last, we managed to bring out some humour in dear old paddybear...
neither darling, things you do in younger days, need not apply..... mind you, I know some poor little queens that do it, and they aint well, if you get my drift, silly girls, what they will do to pay the rent or get drugs.

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