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How Long Did It Take For You To Feel Like You 'Fit In' On Gáire?
# 1 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:22
I'm kinda curious. I've only been here 10 days and it seems like much, much longer. So far I've been given out to at least 5 times, which, as those who've done the giving out know, has only enamoured me further. I like the diversity in topics, there seems to be something for everyone and a general feeling of goodwill towards others, with a healthy dose of taking the piss, which I feel is essential for good forum relations. The arguments are even comical in their own ways. I even took the bull by the horns and met Beckie the other night, which was a treat, she's really nice.

All in all, I already feel at home here in such a short time. How have other Gaireans slipped into permanent Gaire mode?
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# 2 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:23
You'll never fit in.. Stop trying.
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# 3 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:25
awwww thanks. But ur not meant to tell anyone im
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# 4 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:28
Someone said :
You'll never fit in.. Stop trying.

dont be so mean now marcel
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# 5 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:28
I find I'm getting addicted to Gaire too. It's a bit iffy starting off, especially as you get the impression that a clique exists, but after a week or so i felt really at home.

Everyone is really helpful in their own way, and I'm getting to know some genuine people. I think it's cool to have a social outlet like this without leaving the bedroom
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# 6 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:30
LOL Marcel! She's already a fixture of Gaire!

Really and truly, you've put in a lot on Gaire, Kaja. As the cliché goes, you get out what you put in.

As for myself, it only took me a few days. People did not know me then, but I liked the site and contributed accordingly, as I saw fit.

The trick is not to invest too much emotionally. It is only a site, after all.

There is a lot of good internet banter which I enjoy. However, sometimes people have their off days and become right grouches and bite. (you saw this and liked it.)

It is good to meet people from the site, that's true. The Gaire meets, or meeting people amongst yourselves, all is good.

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# 7 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:31
Never try to fit in.
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# 8 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:33
It's not a case of trying to fit in, it was more an observation of comfort in my surroundings.
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# 9 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:36
Someone said :

The trick is not to invest too much emotionally. It is only a site, after all.

Emotional investment in a forum is a bit much, no? I don't even get emotionally attached to my own However, I contribute to a number of forums where I have responsibilities, I suppose that's a form of attachment that could be deemed as emotional. Especially when you're responsible for content.
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# 10 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:38
I joined a few years ago but didnt go back on again til bout a wk ago!There is a clique but its inevitable there will be like in every walk of life, school, college, work,etc.
Though most people here are nice and quite genuine, I havent bin insulted or evicted yet!lol

I find reading the threads interesting and peoples' blogs. People are quite helpful and understanding on this website mostly.Im sure in time as you contributr more to discussions you'll gain accaptance from your fellow gaireans!as if its Lord Of The Flies!
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# 11 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:38
Oh now you guys tell me not to invest emotionally after all i have put in. geez thanks for the heads up. hehehe
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# 12 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:48
There are some people you will never click with, others are much more welcoming but cannot get on with everyone, I am talking to a lot more people on this these days, I love this sight.
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# 13 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:49
There is a clique. But it not that closed, they seem friends that's cool.
Sometimes I feel I am in as in here
Sometime I feel I am not.
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# 14 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:52
This seems to be starting to centre around being in a clique, I didn't mean that, I just meant that I thought I felt like I was comfortable posting on the boards and giving my opinions and generally having fun. There are cliques on every forum on the internet, being part of a clique is not important, but feeling comfortable is.
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# 15 : Monday 30-3-2009 @ 23:54
Well said, Kaja.

I personally don't care if there is a clique or not. I see a thread I like, I respond, and ignore threads I don't feel I have anything to contribute to, that's it.
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