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Noise Civil Marriage Rally Central Bank @ 2pm Sunday 19th April
# 1 : Monday 6-4-2009 @ 16:57

Noise have announced details of their next event. It's on at the Central Bank on Dame Street, at 2 pm on Sunday 19th April.

If this is anyone’s first Noise or Gaire event and they’re a bit shy or nervous about coming, there's a pre-protest meet at PantiBar at 1pm. Panti has very kindly agreed to serve tea and cake to people to get us in the mood for protesting. You can also mail me or any of the moderators, and we’ll be happy to meet you in advance and bring you with us.

I know many of us on the boards agree that it's about time we were granted the same marriage rights as our straight brothers and sisters. Now's your chance to show the rest of the country how you feel. PS, you don’t need to be gay, contemplating marriage or even in a relationship to support this – you just need to think that gays deserve to be treated the same as everyone else.

Please come along, show your support, and bring your friends and family. It’ll be a day out for Aunty Mildred, and you can tell her she’s cheering for whatever you like. Just make sure she comes along and participates.

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# 2 : Monday 6-4-2009 @ 16:58
I will be there with bells on !
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# 3 : Thursday 9-4-2009 @ 23:54
Hey Noisers!

We're excited to announce that the next Noise rally for civil marriage equality will take place on Sunday 19th April outside the Central Bank in Dublin from 2pm.


Bank Holiday Monday 13th April:
Make your placards at Make-And-Do-Monday @ PantiBar

Sunday 19th April:

12pm: Pre-Rally Tea and Cake @ PantiBar

2pm: Red Card Rally @ Central Bank

Post-Rally: BBQ @ The Sycamore Club over Purty Kitchen

Noise is on Twitter - check our profile at http://twitter.com/lgbtNOISE, start following, and tell everyone you know to do the same!

Read on for more deails...

To help out with a sense of spectacle, we need a few people to put their bodies on the line (well, only in a photograph) for equality: If any of you guys and gals fancy yourselves as beefy, burly, I-could-handle-a-tackle-from-Paul-O'Connell types, let us know - we need 12-15 volunteers.

If you can beg/borrow/steal an Ireland rugby jersey to wear as well, that'd be great! We promise no volunteers will be harmed in the making of this protest. *ahem*
Email volunteer@lgbtNOISE.ie

We're hugely grateful to Queen of the Scene Miss Panti Bliss, who has generously offered to open PantiBar before the rally so that people have a place to gather - come along for tea and cake!

The next Make-And-Do Monday (Easter Monday 13th April) will be dedicated to making the protest extra colourful - come along and design your own placards and t-shirts!

Following the rally, the fab crew of The Sycamore Club @ The Purty Kitchen will host a fundraising BBQ for Noise. Guests are asked to make a voluntary donation on the door, all proceeds from food sales will go to Noise, and the generous people behind Sycamore will also make a donation from the bar sales. A big Noisy thank-you to organiser Buzz O'Neill!

In other news, Rainbow Support Services, the Mid-West lgbt support network, are having a club night/fundraiser in Limerick this Saturday 11th April. Grab your fabulous and get there early - support a good cause and get free shots!
Club Wilde - Jerry O'Dea's Pub, Mulgrave Street, Limerick, 10pm-1am Entry €5.

In tech news, Noise has just launched itself into the weird and wonderful world of Twitter - and we'd love to have you on board. Go to our profile at http://twitter.com/lgbtNOISE, start following, and tell everyone you know to do the same! Noise Tweets can also be seen on www.lgbtNOISE.ie, just below the petition. Hint - sign the petition too! :-)

Love and Noise,

The Noise Team

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# 4 : Friday 10-4-2009 @ 00:57
The twitter link doesn't work! Fire the web elves!
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# 5 : Friday 10-4-2009 @ 12:25
Twitter link fixed (stowaway comma) but now we've another problem - Twitter doesn't seem to like us very much. Apologies - we're working on it! :-)
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# 6 : Saturday 11-4-2009 @ 02:16
Update - Twitter all fixed!

Now get following...
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# 7 : Sunday 12-4-2009 @ 15:48
ive never been to anything like this before, is there any kinda age limit thing or anything?

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# 8 : Sunday 12-4-2009 @ 15:50
ah, jaysus.... seriously is that question for real
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# 9 : Sunday 12-4-2009 @ 15:50
Welcome to Gaire!
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# 10 : Sunday 12-4-2009 @ 15:54
Someone said :
ah, jaysus.... seriously is that question for real

im guessing that was a dumb question
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# 11 : Sunday 12-4-2009 @ 15:56
Someone said :

im guessing that was a dumb question

Don't mind him

Welcome to Gaire.

There is no age limit There's a meet in Pantibar before hand to rally the troops.
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# 12 : Sunday 12-4-2009 @ 16:00
fantastic, thanks for your help cant wait
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# 13 : Sunday 12-4-2009 @ 16:45
awwwwwwh sweet
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# 14 : Sunday 12-4-2009 @ 20:13
Hi, just a point to make regarding civil marriage. I am now having to pay the pension levy which is over €300 per month. Much much more than I will get on retirement. If I died in the morning the little pension payment I am entitled to would not be transferred to my partner of 15 years. The government take my money for this levy, not caring about my sexuality but because I'm gay they do not allow me the rights, married people have where pensions are concerned. Thanks
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# 15 : Monday 13-4-2009 @ 16:03
Hey Noisers!

If you're in the Dublin area and you've any party left in you after the weekend, head down to Make and Do @ PantiBar tonight. Miss Panti will be providing everything you meed to make your own personal (and very fabulous) banners and placards for the 'Inequality? RED CARD!' rally for marriage.

See you there - and on Sunday 19th April from 2pm @ the Central Bank!

Love and Noise,

The Noise Team
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