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Legal Age In Ireland
# 1 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 13:40
hi folks,just wondering.
what is the legal age for consenual sex in ireland?
is it different for male and female?
thanks in advance.
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# 2 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 13:45
Going on the pull?
The age of consent in Ireland is 17 for carnal contact, with non-carnal contact being allowed at 15, regardless of sexual orientation and/or gender (although this relies on an interpretation of what "carnal contact" and "non-carnal contact" refers to). Sex with a minor over the age of 15 carries a lower sentence than that for when the minor is below 15, although the punishments were raised in the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 2006.

The heterosexual age of consent was set in the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1935. Homosexuality was decriminalised in 1993, following the ruling of the European Court in Norris vs. Ireland with the Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Act 1993. This same act places an age of 15 on acts of "gross indecency" between male homosexuals, but with no definition of what these are.

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# 3 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 13:48 16 is,mmmm dodgy?
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# 4 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 13:50
Someone said : 16 is,mmmm dodgy?

Er yes...especially if your 40......
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# 5 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 13:50
Someone said : 16 is,mmmm dodgy?

Are you grooming a 16 year old? can you hold hot till his next birthday?
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# 6 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 13:50
Someone said : 16 is,mmmm dodgy?

No, not dodgy, just illegal.
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# 7 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 13:51
just asking.
was contacted on line.
sounds a bit dodgy/illegal alright, thanks.
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# 8 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 13:54
Be careful what you post. Posts like the OP's could be construed as a peadophile/pererast looking to justify their warped urges.

Or a journo from the tabloid rags setting out bait and looking to get Gaire into trouble.
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# 9 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 14:03
Someone said :
just asking. was contacted on line .
sounds a bit dodgy/illegal alright, thanks.

On Gaire?
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# 10 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 15:03
Interesting. I heard today on the radio that there was talk of introducing a law making it an offence to have sex with a child (my italics) under 18. If the legal age of consent is 17, how can this be?? This is an academic question, as I have no intention of having sex with anyone under 20.

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# 11 : Thursday 7-5-2009 @ 23:14
Personaly i think the law should be changed to 18 years of age although the law means nothing if young teenagers aren't getting the proper education on sex and the law. Thats my opinion anyway. Dont know what anyone else thinks of it!!
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# 12 : Thursday 1-7-2010 @ 13:18
I always felt that if two people were above the legal age limit their
difference in years shouldn't matter. Not quiet so sure now.

I got called out last night to meet a very distressed 18 yr old who had no place to stay. This young man does not have the emotional intelligence of a 18yr old and has been in various psychological institutions in recent years.
Turns out he had been living with,and in a relationship with a 32 yr old man for the
past three months. He came home last night and for some reason decided to toss this young man out of their living space. The guards were called and there was nothing they could do for him, Other than telling him if he persisted in creating a scene on the street he would be arrested.
This young man is now on a bus home and will be met by his parents.
I learned a while ago that this individual is facing charges for downloading illegal porn in a neighbouring county.

While the age of consent was respected in this case it wasn't morally right, I would urge people to be aware if they see any similar situations to quietly check that all is well.
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