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Nice Buns - Where Are They Gone?
# 1 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 01:14
Where are all the nice asses gone?

It's rare you can walk down the street behind a nice behind these days (my favourite pastime).

You know - the nice pert bum you could just drool over - there seems to be less and less of them these days. Now, you only get baggy bottom jeans and skinny guys with nothing to look at.

Where are the buns?!

(apologies to anyone who thought this was a darina allen type thread)
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# 2 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 01:19
My other half has faded away due to a cholestrol free diet he has to stay on and there's not a day that does by where I dont mourn the loss of his arse.
(My ass has oblingly compensated and grown to twice the size)
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# 3 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 01:21
I can lose 40 stone and I'll still have my Fat Ass.

It's just there, always!
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# 4 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 01:25
Sure there are always some in the oven.....
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# 5 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 01:41
I was about to tell ye all about an amazing stall thats at the galway markets on sat's.... tastiest buns I've ever had.

Sadly this is about Arses - I never really had any shape or muscle to mine, it's just kinda sits there leaving me with filled but formless jeans
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# 6 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 01:44
Someone said :
I was about to tell ye all about an amazing stall thats at the galway markets on sat's.... tastiest buns I've ever had.

Tell me!

I never see these markets anywhere round here.
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# 7 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 01:44
Good God! Thanks for reminding me to climb back on the bicycle to reclaim the taut ass and large meaty thighs of my youth...:rofl
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# 8 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 01:46
St Nichols church - just across the road from Ryans (or just off the cornor where Easons is) I usually have a stall there too - well worth the look into

Thats a good point american... anyone got any arse buildling tips for me?
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# 9 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 07:57
Here's a start - focus on that "butt".

Video Link :

Video Link :
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# 10 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 09:25
My hubby has a lovely tight bum, i am envious...but its always good for a perv...
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# 11 : Thursday 14-5-2009 @ 12:44
Are girls asses called Buns too??
I see loads of nice asses walking around dublin these days.
They are mostly on Eastern European girls though
The poor Irish girls are letting the side down a bit.
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# 12 : Friday 15-5-2009 @ 05:53
Thanks soniclad, sure ill start in the morn and perhaps ill have a chance to show of the pert arse at the next meet
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# 13 : Friday 15-5-2009 @ 08:18
I blame the recession- Dominoes order-ins + unaffordability of tight designers jeans+ jobless depression leading to listlessness and lack of exercise= FAT FLAT ARSES.
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# 14 : Friday 15-5-2009 @ 09:13
I want a bigger one too. There doesn't seem to be much definition there and I abhor flattness of the buttocks in other guys - a great ass can compensate for less than fantastic body and face.
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# 15 : Friday 15-5-2009 @ 09:19
m and s now do a cake shop range...lovely buns..mmm those fairy cakes

Some girls should not wear skinny jeans...fact...muffin tops...shudder
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