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Bent Penis?
# 1 : Wednesday 5-8-2009 @ 23:58
Hey people, I recently underwent a circumcision for medical reasons and am now recovering nicely. After the procedure, the consultant told me that during the procedure, it was necessary to "induce erection" (I assume to see what he was working with, as I am a 'grower', not a 'shower').

He told me that he had noticed a bend in my penis and that he would like to examine it further in a few weeks time when I am fully healed.

To my knowledge I have always had this curve and it has never caused any trouble for me, nor have I received any comment, or complaint, from any of the people I have slept with. I have slept with guys who have a bend like mine, althoough maybe not quite so much.

My question(s) is/are:

Do many of you have such a bend?
Does it cause you any problems?
Do you find them particularly attractive or unattractive?

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# 2 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:00
You'll need to post a picture please and we'll vote.
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# 3 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:01
Feck him,just bend it like beckam.
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# 4 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:04
I had the same thing done!

The doctor didn't mention anything RE "induce erection" - are you sure he wasn't coming onto you?

Anyhoosers - I don't have a penis bend. But I doubt I would care if another guy had one. Wouldn't bother me.

And the fact that you never received any complains about it or have had any problems with it leads me to believe that it's not really a problem.

But sure see what the doctor has to say when he "examines" you more closely.

PS - I agree with Cheezy. A few cock shots would be apt.

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# 5 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:08
No I do not have a bend I have been with one that did and no big deal, actually no matter. They come in all shapes all sizes no 2 are the same, it's nothing to worry about.
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# 6 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:10
If the bend is very noticeable and increasing over time it's likely that you may be caused by scarring from repeated friction. IF the doctor suggested that you have it examined then you should.
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# 7 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:14
If you mean a banana-shape bend, then that is 100% normal and your doc needs to see more willies.

If you mean like a kink, where the erect mickey has a bit of a kink in it where it is heading, say left from the scrotum and then goes right at some point up to the head
. . well I have seen that in some fellas, and it did no harm to them as far as I know.

But anyway, you really need to talk to the doc about why this would be a concern.

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# 8 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:15
damn thought this topic was devoted to me

i curve to the right a bit :P
but ive always dressed to the right, doesn bother me, most cocks have a bit of a bend in em :P
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# 9 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:16
Someone said :
If the bend is very noticeable and increasing over time it's likely that you may be caused by scarring from repeated friction. IF the doctor suggested that you have it examined then you should.

Oooh, +1 CZ for good, succinct advice.
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# 10 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:18
Someone said :
damn thought this topic was devoted to me

A topic called "Bent" on a gay forum - heck it could be for any one of us!

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# 11 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:19
I don't think a bend matters. Could be quite cute actually!
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# 12 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:21
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# 13 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:26
It could be a condition known as Peyronie's Disease (see link from Wiki - it even has a picture!) though somehow I'd be surprised if that's what you have. Bends in willies are pretty common enough - on the plus side just think, you can screw round corners with it!.......nah seriously, I hope you feel better soon and wish you luck with your check up in the near future when you are healed from your circumcision op.
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# 14 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:36
Thanks all for the replies, no pics though, sorry, it's shy!

Peyronie's Disease-guy on Wikipedia seems more severe than mine, but it is bent in the same way.

Anyway, I will of course see the consultant as he said, I just wanted to see if it should be something to get fixed if he suggested it. If it's not life-threatening, and won't get worse, then I think I'll avoid any extra surgery as you guys have reassured me!

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# 15 : Thursday 6-8-2009 @ 00:39
Oh we were only joking about pics btw.

Well I was, I don't know about that slut Cheezy.
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