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Soap Studs!!
# 1 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 09:56
have a look at this.......

it has most of the soaps covered!!
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# 2 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 09:57
I'm afraid to click your links Tucker. So you'll have to tell what it says.
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# 3 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:02
its just pics of the lads in soaps........some from the shows they are in, others are of photo shoots!!

all above board!!
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# 4 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:05
I give you all permission please end my suffering with the most available weapon, if I ever get wistful or maudlin about soap operas.Deserving of a long, drawn out and painful death I'd say, minus the morphine.
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# 5 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:06
Just when I managed to wean myself off Eastenders, Corrie has gotten really good so I'm hooooooked.
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# 6 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:08
lisa falls off the cliff tonite!!

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# 7 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:09
Thomas, I see I'm going to have to TROUNCE some sense into you in April.
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# 8 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:17
No I must ... not ... look ... and ... yet

Stopaidh! Cuinas!
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# 9 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:23
Tucker, you've got me all in a lather!!!

I haven't watched The Bill in years but maybe I should looking at the cute totty on display! The Hollyoaks guys have to be the cutest guys on TV though!
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# 10 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:25
the last time i was the bill, it was full of old guys!!!

gona start watchin it now though!!
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# 11 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 10:47
OOH MY WORD! look at the "lads army" one!
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# 12 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 11:08
are they sporting erections or is it just me?
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# 13 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 11:12
no he has just got out of bed with a hard on! ha ha the poor guy he must've been so embarrassed!
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# 14 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 11:24

Its just been in the news recently that Coronation St. is to get its first out gay main character!

Seemingly, "The Sunday Mirror reports that Todd Grimshaw, played by 19-year-old Bruno Langley, will dump current girlfriend Sarah Louise Platt (Tina O'Brien) after developing a crush on another man.

Scripts for the forthcoming storyline have not yet been written, but bosses hope to introduce the storyline in a few months' time."

That should be interesting.

Pity Bruno Langley looks about 12 years old.

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# 15 : Thursday 27-3-2003 @ 11:34
Guys ..almost all of these guys conform to the 'gym rat, GI model' school of totty. Yuck..its like the male equivalent of Easi Singles..accessible but devoid of any substance whatsoever.

When I were a lad erections and hard ons were the same thing..I'm getting so out of
And you young fellers shouldn't be lookin' so much at that dere goggle box..its messin' wit' yer minds
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