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So You Think You Know Gaire - The Quiz!!
# 1 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 22:44
Due to my lack of a midweek life, I've set up a wee online quiz to see how well ye all know Gaire, the posters and what's been going on over the years.

The link is below.
http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=gaire-history etc ...

1. Click on it.
2. Enter your online name (Gadjo for me)
3. Password = the name of our esteemed leader (Thomas - it's case sensitive so use a capital T)
4. Click on Start Quiz.

You'll get told your score at the end and if it's more than 50%, you'll get a certificate which you can post here.... if you like.

Questions are below - minus the avatar images. You'll see them in the appropriate questions in the quiz itself.


1. What was the original name of the poster currently known as MrWindUpBird?
2. Which user has the Godlike name of "maximus"?
3. Name the user who launched a large number of threads dealing with the topic of Americans troops using Shannon airport as they flew to and from Iraq. There are two possible answers - the user's current name and the original one.
4. Name the user account set up as a spoof on the activities of the user in Question 3?
5. Nerdy one..... in which month were the Catch Up and Follow Up buttons added? Give the full month and full year with a space in between; e.g. September 2007.
6. Remove one letter from HARSH BIRD and rearrange the remaining letters to form the name of a moderator who left Gaire in January 2005 in a cloud of controversy?
7. Who had the most hot topics in April 2009?
8. Who confessed to wearing stockings of different colours in April 2006?
9. Who took the godlike name of the mythic Greek hero who beheaded the Gorgon, Medusa?
10.What was Cosmo calling himself in November 2004?
11.Which godlike member dropped the number 22 from her account name some years ago?
12.As of late July 2009, who has the largest number of posts on Gaire?
13.Following on from the previous question, what was his name when he joined Gaire?
14.Who is currently (late July 2009) using the following avatar on Gaire?
15.Whose humorous blog on the death of Pope John Paul II was quoted in the Sunday Tribune?
16.Who, in November 2005, tried to pose as Limkmike posting a series of spoof threads and posts before being “rumbled” and banned?
17.Following on from the previous question, what user name did he use while posing?
18.Who briefly used Sexyfeet4u as his account name in early summer 2009?
19.Remove the G from DOES TOURING and rearrange the remaining letters to get the name of a prolific poster on Gaire.
20.Which Gairean currently (late July 2009) uses the following avatar?
21.The poster currently known as Dolli had a previous (now inactive) account on Gaire. What was it?
22.Who dropped a ‘z’ from his/her username in the last few weeks?
23.Which long running thread opens with Ozren extensively quoting prayers from benediction?
24.Which prolific poster shares a name with a 1990s Britpop group?
25. “I'd hate to get stuck behind xxxx yyyyyy's hair at the theatre”, said St. Perry Cormo in late June 2009. Who was he referring to – the xxxx yyyyyy person?
26.On what date did Flame On post his 10,000th post? Put the date in the format DD/MM/YYYY; e.g. 22/04/2007.
27.Who has 1999 as a not hot travel destination in their Gaire profile?
28.Which long running thread was started by Colzz in January 2003 and is still going strong six and a half years later?
29.Who previously used the user name of Joey Anus?
30.The poster Cairo is more commonly known as whom?
31.By what name is SEXYKARENDUBLIN now known?
32.The same poster called themselves Celtic Tiger for a while and prior to that called themselves a “variation” of the spelling of Celtic Tiger. What was it?
33.Which Gairean shares a name with no less than three figures in the early Christian Church: a saint who was martyred in the second century, a Pope who reigned briefly in the fifth century and a seventh century Bishop of Syracuse.
34.Which celebrity does Cheezypuf think is Dan Boyle in drag? (Apparently, he (Dan Boyle) is related to her.)
35.Which regular poster uses the Tetris avatar?
36.Who will show you fear in a handful of dust?
37.Merlin used to choose the godlike names for people when they hit 1,000 posts. But what was his final login name before his account went inactive?
38.People go “Godlike” when they hit 1,000 posts. What’s the level just before Godlike?
39.Two posters with pretty similar login names in that they both have 9 letters and the first 5 letters are the same. Both were prolific posters and notched up numbers of posts into the thousands. One last posted on April 5th 2005; the other on January 11th 2007. Who are they? Give their names separated by the letter ‘and’; i.e. xxxxxxxxx and yyyyyyyyy.
40.Two Gaireans have starred in a recurring cameo type religious role on RTE1. Name either one of them. Not both of them! Just one or the other.
41.Who put up the highest number of posts in January 2008?
42.Who does Captain Howdy love according to a previous account name he used?
43.The name of which prolific poster can be found displayed prominently on the Gaire Home Page when you log in? And when you're not logged in?
44.Who is Gaire’s in-house expert on all things astronomical?
45.Who claims in their profile to have had their testicles shaved by a Zoroastrian called Vilma?
46.Whose blog is called Tales from the City?
47.Whose account name is thought to come from the Shelta word for "Seer"?
48.Dermid (now inactive) used to have 4 digits at the end of his account name. What were they?
49.Who claims to be a centenarian from Azerbaijan?
50.Remove the letter ‘n’ from this infrequent poster’s account name to get the main language of a major Asian nation? We want the name of the poster first and then the language separated by the word ‘and’; i.e. in the format “xxxxxxx and yyyyyy”. Hint: he also features in Question 40.
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# 2 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 22:47
Gave up after question 3 as I know none of it
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# 3 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 22:48
jesus 50 of them. pass.
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# 4 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 22:48
not being a spoil sport but this is really aimed at people who are on gaire a long time. i certainly wouldnt know most of these answers
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# 5 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 22:50
Someone said :
not being a spoil sport but this is really aimed at people who are on gaire a long time. i certainly wouldnt know most of these answers

No. There are search tools you can use to find the answers.
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# 6 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 22:51
Can never get the links on this site = bastard firewalls.
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# 7 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:09
LOL!!! A complete fail! 22%
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# 8 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:13
Someone said :
LOL!!! A complete fail! 22%

It's very good for a newbie! You can try as many times as you want.

I've put the questions in the original post so people can have a look before they dive in.
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# 9 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:19

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# 10 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:28
God my memory is crap

Score » 54 out of 100
Total Correct » 27 out of 50 correct
% Score » 54 %
Result » Grade D

Great quiz Gadjo, really brought some memories back.
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# 11 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:28
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# 12 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:31
Really cool, Gadjo.

It must have taken aaaaaaages.

I'm happy enough with my score, but want the A.

I did good though, considering I'm only here 2 years!
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# 13 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:33
Well done, Thomas and
..... especially Stewie. How are you so well informed?? You would have been in first year when some of this stuff was happening!
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# 14 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:35
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# 15 : Tuesday 11-8-2009 @ 23:35
Someone said :
Well done, Thomas and
..... especially Stewie. How are you so well informed?? You would have been in first year when some of this stuff was happening!

I look up really old threads when I'm not doing anything.

I know all about the History of Gaire.

Well, 64% of it anyway!
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