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Gourmet Club Outing Sun 1st November - Brunch
# 1 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 19:28
Following the rip-roaring success of the last Gourmet Club event (take a bow CZ) here’s the details of the next one. In accordance with a long established tradition, those who attended the last event had a vote and chose the venue for the next meet.

We chose brunch at the Verres en Vers restaurant in the Radisson Hotel on Golden Lane, in Dublin 8. Golden Lane connects South Great George’s Street and St Patrick’s Cathedral. http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=radis etc ...

Brunch costs €30 including a glass of bubbles, and is a buffet. There’s a table of salads, nibbly bits, another of fish – salmon, king prawns, etc, another of deserts and a carvery counter with some delicious beef (amongst other things).

It’s a really nice brunch, and if you’re so inclined you’ll leave stuffed to the gills. There’s a full bar service too.
I suggest 2pm on Sunday 1st November – we’ll all have been paid, and it’s before the Christmas rush.
All are welcome. Please email me or post if you’d like to come. The food will cost €30 each, and the drinks bill will be split evenly between drinkers.
There’s a review here http://www.menupages.ie/search/restaurants/verres_en_vers.aspx


Intrepid - TBC
The Haus

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# 2 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 19:33
Excellent. Count me in.
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# 3 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 19:39
Yeay! Will do. Bring your notepad
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# 4 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 19:46
I'd like to come, shall have to wait on financial report though, put me down as provisional.
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# 5 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 19:58
This sounds lovely and fairly reasonable. Will hopefully be there.
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# 6 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 20:20
Put my name down would be nice to make a meet
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# 7 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 20:35
Sounds great, count me in cheezy
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# 8 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 20:59
Count me plus 1 in too
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# 9 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 21:54
We would love to attend Monsieur Cheezy.
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# 10 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 21:55
Someone said :
We would love to attend Monsieur Cheezy.

Many people would like to attend Monsieur Cheezy. But, leaving that aside, will you attend the meet?
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# 11 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 22:15
Someone said :

Many people would like to attend Monsieur Cheezy. But, leaving that aside, will you attend the meet?

Hehehe... Of course we will.Sound`s like a fantastic idea.
When do you require the payment.
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# 12 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 22:44
Ah, it's the usual gig - payment after the meal. It should be a fun afternoon out. I know €30 for bruncheon isn't bargain basement, but it's cheaper than most dinner nights out, and it might appeal to any members who feel they don't want to just go to a big booze up. Although we'll probably have a few drinks, not everyone's going to get hammered in the middle of an afternoon.
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# 13 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 22:47
sounds great i think i would be up for this,never been to a gourmet meet.
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# 14 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 22:49
Yeay! You'd be very welcome.
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# 15 : Monday 17-8-2009 @ 23:13
Me + 1 look forward to Brunch..
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